New C&G Organelle Patches

New Patch! Transient Segmenti
A recorded track is automatically sliced into up to 24 segments (one per key) depending on where transients are detected. Create up to 14 possible stored sequences from segments.


This patch has two main functions: 1. Record audio and automatically slice it up into as many as 24 segments based on where the patch detects transient sounds in the recording, and 2. Use keyboard or the sequencer to play segments in new ways/orders.


Use the Encoder to navigate between the Sample View/Rec and Jam Options pages. Sample View/Rec shows a waveform and lists how many segments (sections between detected transients) there are. The Jam Options page shows speed, pitch, segment length, and input monitor controls.

Additional patch controls are available from the ‘Aux Menu.’ The Aux Button controls the ‘Aux Menu’. When you press Aux for 0.2 seconds, a new menu is displayed on OLED Screen for as long as you hold Aux. The available Aux Menu Commands depends on which ‘page’ you are currently viewing. The Left Column never changes.

To select a Menu command/Page, use the Top Row of Organelle keys. There are 10 possible commands selected by the 10 keys. The low C# key selects Top Left command. The High A# key selects the Bottom Right command. The Command Grid is to be read from top left to bottom, then top right to bottom.

The following Aux commands are available on the Left Column:

Seq:Play/Stop - Plays or Stops selected sequence
Rec:Off/Armd - Controls Sequence Recording:

  • When selected, Sequence is first Record Armed (Enabled). LED will be Pink. Sequencer is waiting for knob adjustment, key press or incoming MIDI note.
  • When knob adjusted, key pressed or MIDI Note received, Recording starts. LED is Red.
  • To end recording, press Aux (new seq begins looping immediately). LED will be Green and flash White on quarter note.

Dub:Off/On – Overdub on top of existing sequence. Counts in 3 Sec before starting recording. To end recording, press Aux and sequence begins looping immediately.
Undo – Reverts Sequence to previous state. If this command says ‘Undid’ you cannot ‘undo’ further.
Latch: Off/On - Toggles between playing segments after releasing keys or not.

The Bottom Row of keys selects one of 14 Sequence ‘slots’ to record to. Changing sequence slot will change the number that precedes the command in the left column.

If you are on the Sample View/Rec page the following additional Aux command is available:

RcIn:Arm - ’Arms’ recording of new sample (aka Record Enable). Once armed, recording starts when incoming audio level crosses amplitude threshold. Pressing Aux after arm will cancel recording. If you like a recording, be sure to use the ‘Save’ command in system command so you can revert back to it in case of accidental record. Recordings can be 12000 milliseconds long or a maximum 24 segments. If recording has less than 24 segments, the segments will be repeated across the keyboard.


For those users who become comfortable with the Aux menu: If you press both Aux and Menu command/Sequence Slot key before the menu is displayed, your choice/command will be accepted.

Footswitch: N/A


  • ‘Live’ keypresses and notes from Sequence playback are sent out on the MIDI Out Channel configured in System/Settings/MIDI Setup menu.
  • Sequenced knob adjustments are sent out as CC messages on the System MIDI Out Channel. Knob1 = CC21, Knob2 = CC22, Knob3 = CC23, Knob4 = CC24.
  • If sending MIDI clock to Organelle or part of a Link session: Sequence length will be quantized to nearest quarter note. Otherwise BPM is ‘Off.’


  • Existing sequences can be applied to new recordings!


Any chance of a Transient-CAmenti? Is that a combination that would work?


Found that lfomlog doesnt’t respind to midi, while other patches do. Can anyone else check this please? Using an m-audio keystation 32 and it’s supplied usb wire.

Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll take a look!

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New Patch! Distributor Record

Record samples, slice them up on the fly, and weave them across time with other sample slices all while arpeggiating and looping them!

This is an improvement of the original Distributor patch. The big updates are the recording function and better arpeggios.

Instructions & Download:

Patch demo:


One thing I did recently to make the Tremolo more interesting was use MOD Learn in Orac 2 to modulate the Tremolo rate with a separate LFO. This makes the speed change like a Leslie cab!

When I open the Distributor Rec patch, it says “sounds”, but then I click on that and it says “no patches found”. What am I doing wrong?

Presumably I need to record some audio in to the Organelle , but how? @chrisk

It sounds like patch was not installed correctly. You should not see the sounds folder when you select patch with the encoder. Can you try again?

Ok thanks @chrisk, will try and let you know.

Seems to be working now! Cheers @chrisk

New Organelle Patch! XY

A grid-based sequencer with two playheads - one for each axis. Add ‘triggers’ to the grid to build patterns. Control playhead behavior to play grid pattern in different ways.

Instructions & Download:

Patch Demo:


Fantastic patch!
But I have a problem: in the main screen the word BPM doesn’t appear and pressing the aux button doesn’t start the sequence.

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@fr.genna - Sorry about that! I just uploaded a new version of the patch to Patchstorage. Can you download and try again? Thanks

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Everything works now :dancer:

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Great to hear - thanks for the update!


This patch is awesome!! thanks @chrisk. By the way, I noticed that whenever I select “swing” in any of the axis “modes”, then go to the main section, and then back to the options section, the screenline of the parameter X or Y mode (whichever I selected “swing”) doesn’t appear until I move the respective knob. This does not happen if the mode selected is any other but swing.
Thanks very much again! :slight_smile:

Hi Chris, the CAmenti patch puts out midi notes like arpeggios (ascending notes) when connected to external midi gear, what is cool… is there a way to change the notes?

thanks for this really fun and creative patch - I also tried it out sequencing the OP-Z which of course already has a pretty awesome sequencer but this patch adds a lovely set of creative melodic elements by selecting various notes and moving live between grid and sequence configurations on the Organelle!

Very creative patch ! Amazing how you could get something quite complex with few tweaking :wink:Thanks you !
As another one said, could be useful to have a gain control for both voices (synth and sampler).