New C&G Organelle Patches

New Patch: Pink Mode !

A synthesizer with a 16-step sequencer. Enter notes one step at a time or in ‘live’ mode. Play on top of your sequence too. Great for sequencing downstream MIDI devices.

Instructions & Download:


New Patch: Tapey !

Recorded samples are pitched across they keyboard. Sample playback emulates a tape player with pitch & speed warble and ramping start and stop speeds.

Instructions and download:


Nice !! A wonderful addition would be to have loop points independent from start and end points.

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It would also be nice for the last recorded sample to load up when re-loading the patch if possible as well as a way to monitor the incoming signal when recording a sample. And even better if it had some envelope settings

You can save your recording by going to the Storage menu and selecting Save.

This is so helpful!

Hello there, experimenting with this one. Such a great patch. I have a question though. In order to edit or change the arp patterns, do I just need to change the numbers in the arpPatts.txt file? Or is that wishfull thinking and is it more elaborate than that?

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Hi @dhoinjo,

Yes, to change the arpeggiation pattern in Guitari2Arp patch, just change the numbers in the arpPatts.txt file. (if you change while patch is open, be sure to reload it to see changes)


Awesome! Same deal in ‘Segmenti Arp’ then I’d guess?

Works like a charm, thanks!

The arpeggios in Segmenti Arp are controlled by the logic in the ‘Arp’ subpatch:

…click into the [pd singleup2], [pd singledown2], etc. objects…

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New Patch: Deterior

Recorded samples deteriorate as they loop. Turn on up to five effects at once. Add new sounds to the mix. Store loops for future use.


This one. Bravo guys :clap:

this is cool but when I record more than 5 loops it overwrites the old ones and the folder contains only 5 loops. anyone else having this problem?

I have version 3.1 b3 installed.
I’ve installed/uninstalled the Deterior patch several times and it still does not work, no playback of my loops …
It’s the first time that an “official” patch dosn’t work and it had to fall on the one I expected the most :confused:

The current version is OS3.1 beta6: (well it’s not really ‘beta’ at this time lol)
I think it would be best to flash a new version of OS 3.1 to your microSD card. Please follow steps here:

Thank you for your message.
I’m not sure I understand: in your link to the organelle manual, it says:

Download 3.1 from Section 7.1 of manual please.

Hi, but what is the 4.0 version all about :horse::thinking:?? Any release note available yet? Last time I remember you were talking about a 3.2 version in the works for the nice original Organelle I have. I’m curious now. :nerd_face: by the way thanks again for this wonderful wonder instrument. I’m happy every time i ’m able to use it

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