Troubleshooting - No audio from output R?

I have contacted C&G Support, but since I haven’t heard back from them yet I’m reaching out to the knowledgeable folks in the community.

My Organelle mk1 has no audio coming out the Right mono jack. Left works fine. I have tried different cables etc. I have audio in both ears from my headphone jack. The display shows stereo signal coming out/passing through.

I don’t remember any accident of the Organelle taking a fall etc, but who knows. Visual inspection (opening up) nothing seemed loose. I did not remove the pcb:s to look on the other side and I haven’t tested anything with a multimeter.

Connecting organelle to a screen/keyboard/mouse I can see when performing shutdown I have an error code reading FAILED: Failed to start Store Sound Card State. See ‘systemctl status alsa-store.service’

I’m totally illiterate in Linux/PD but have managed to try commands such as alsamixer and amixer. In Alsamixer I see nothing peculiar, not that I know what to look for. But I’m a bit puzzled what kind of feed that goes to the analog outputs.

If anyone has experienced anything similar, or has a hunch what I should look for – I’d be grateful for any tip! I see there have been a few post on similar issues before, but I’ve seen no public solution for it.