Nori Sampler doesn't work

Does anyone else have problems with the Nori Sampler? Sometimes it works great but than most times when I try to record a sample it doesn’t work. I’ve tried a bunch of other patches and they work great while plugging a guitar in but when using the nori sample it’s hit or miss. Please help

How is it not working? is there a particular setting or process you can repeat that causes it to not work?

It is possible to have the knobs set in such a way that you won’t hear anything, such as recording a sound that has silence in it, then playing that portion of the sound, so it takes some getting used to in that respect…

Pretty much half the time when I hit the record button nothing that I just recorded will playback. I’ve made sure the start time was at 0 and the duration was 99% as well. I also would mess with the speed and nothing would change. I tried using a foot switch thinking I wasn’t holding the record button down long enough and it still wouldn’t fix the issue. The only thing that has worked is restarting and if not restarting then trying it 10 times. Sorry to sound sarcastic but 10-15 times isn’t an exaggeration. I’ll be sure to upload a video the next time it happens.

Also to add I wouldn’t just leave the start time at 0. I would mess with the start time as well to see if it was farther along in the recording as well.