OP-1+Organelle+pocket piano+kenton

Hi there,

I’m trying to hook up an Organelle with a PocketPiano through a kensington MK2 midi/udb host, but it’s not working.
It should work or am I missing something ? Any suggestions ?

Do you mean ‘Kenton’ MIDI/USB host?

The Organelle is a USB Host. Are you trying to connect the Organelle’s USB port to the Kenton’s USB port? If so, that will not work. You can’t have two hosts.

We recommend the E-MU USB-to-MIDI cable interface for getting MIDI in & out of the Organelle.

Kenton. Your right.
Thanks for your answer.
What I’m actually trying to do is link an OP-1 to an Organelle and a PocketPiano. I’l need a USB hub for that because the PO-1 and Organelle only have one USB port.
Op-1>organelle works (also through a USB hub)
Op-1>kenton>pocketpiano works (but not through a USB hub)
Any idea whether Op-1>hub>organelle>hub>E-Mu>kenton>PP will work ?

A USB Hub is not what you need. You need a MIDI hub with at least one input and multiple outputs to connect the OP-1 to two devices:

(depending on the MIDI hub, you may need the E-MU between the MIDI hub and Organelle)