Orac Lite?!

I find Orac too fiddly diddly, my head cannot cope with it!
Will C&G please release a simplified version or howabout a Hybrid patch
where you can easily dial in the synth, drum, effects chain?
Know what I mean?

Have you tried the 1008 patch? It does what you are asking for:

Maybe these templates will help with Orac?

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I have put together an Orac tutorial in the past that you can find here in this forum post. I am planning on redoing it soon since I feel like I could have explained things better but maybe it will help things click for you

Iā€™m almost done with written documentation which I think will probably serve a lot better rather then me trying to film a tutorial with only a couple takes. It has details on all of the stock modules, the different types of modules, and a couple of typical use cases