Orac 2.0

oops, sorry, i wanted to ask about sfplayer / sampletwig on your githu :slight_smile:

Orac News


We now have a fantastic logo for Orac you’ll be seeing more of in the future
thanks to Ben Norland (@bengersfood) for the fantastic design work. :raised_hands:


(Ben has also designed a number of great alternatives that you’ll also be seeing around :slight_smile: )


the guys over at Patchstorage have given us our own Orac ‘platform’, so we can now keep everything together in one place, which will make it easier for users to find modules etc.


I’d appreciate it if module developers could switch any (version 2.0 only) over to this platform.


Nice Logo! If you don’t mind me giving my 2 cents about it, I would suggest to remove the first and last “links”, and maybe to have the vertical white stripes thinner than the letters. I was very tired when I first read this logo, and my faulty brain tried to make sens of these stripes as letters. The first one actually looks a lot like a “i”, it would be easier to read just with moving this only red dot.


unrelated: I have been playing around with orac 2, and what I especially love is the possibility to adress different modules to left and right outputs, so 2 instruments can be mixed separately. Does any of you knows if the architecture of the organelle’s hardware could somehow allows to use the line output as a third separate output, or is it irremediably linked to the instrument outputs? 3 outputs for 3 modules, and I sell all my other synths.


yeah, I can kind of se what you mean about spacing…
I like the first and last links, as they represent the input and output to the ‘real world’, I think if you don’t have them then they loose the ‘module’ feel.

it’s fixed to the main outputs.
(theoretically iirc it could be used as a direct bypass…theres another thread when I looked at this,
but no, it cannot be used as a 3rd output)

what you can do is use an external USB audio interface, this will tend to have a bit more latency, but its an option if you need more outputs.

I’ve actually been having fun in this area…
I have just got an ES-8 for my Eurorack, and have connected the Organelle to this.
so been experimenting with directly sending CV from Orac (on Organelle via ES8) to my eurorack system, its quite a lot of fun… might do a short demo at some point if anyone is interested.


Definitely interested. I own an ES-8, and don’t do nearly enough with it.

How are you finding the latency from Organelle? And did you have to jump through any crazy hoops to configure it?

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nah, its trivial … Ive already described this here

so what I did was copy orac, to a new folder called erac (get it :wink: )
then add a file called pd-opts.txt in that folder with:
-audiodev 7 -audiobuf 5
this selects the ES-8, and increases the buffer to 5ms (from 4ms, which had a little crackling)
(and because its the patch directory, its only for that particularly patch… you can put it in System, for all patches, but thats not interesting to me personally)

then just run erac
viola, audio in/out is coming in/out ES-8 1/2,
so far been messing a little with sending audio out of Organelle for FX in eurorack land, and a little bit of FX processing by the Organelle.
(Currently, Ive also got the Organelle connected via MIDI to the Hermod in my eurorack, but thats been there for a while, so I can play with things like polybeats to Eurorack :wink: )

early days, it may be when I do ‘more serious’ stuff, I might have to increase the audiobuf a bit more, we will see.

for CV, Ive not ‘packaged’ it yet…
(only got my ES-8 on Friday, and been experimenting with it on the mac mainly!)
what Ive done there, so far, is just launch PD/Orac gui on Organanelle, as select ES-8 (hardware) manually in GUI, then started patching in modulations out to [dac~] 3-8. using kind of ‘temporary modules’

anyway, once Ive finished experimenting and decide how/if the Organelle will play a role in this setup, then I’ll likely do what Ive done for Orac on the Eurorack modules which is add some ‘CV modules’

currently on these I have :

  • CV Pitch/Gate IN - receives notes
  • CV Mod IN- sends modulations out based on incoming CV

I need to add,

  • CV Pitch/Gate OUT
  • CV Mod OUT
  • CV Clock IN
  • CV Clock OUT

It might be also interesting to created some CV utilities like LFO, ENV… that don’t go via the modulation bus.

I might also create a new router for the ES-8, either because I want more audio I/O, or if I decide I want to have the chains be essentially mono… e.g. I could create a 4 mono in to 4 chains with 4 stereo outs.
… but I need to play a bit more, as obviously the CPU load might be a big high.

as i said, early days… but its looking like a pretty fun and useful collaboration…
I’ll do some kind of demo once Ive got it all working out.

Note: I do also need/want to ‘rationalise’ the above with the Eurorack version, theoretically, they could/should be the same as the Bela versions… and of course will also work on the rPI too.
but not QuBit Nebulae requires a bit different implementation, but Id like it to have a similar interface, so patches/modules using CV are interchangeable on different platforms.

completely unrelated, but my mind is ‘whirling about thinking about organelle eurorack integration’
I might see if I can get OTC working with the ES-8 (its not actually hard, I know how to do it :wink: ), as it might be fun to have it as a way to have graphics and visualisations from Eurorack


CV Mod OUT is the big one for me.

I could replace “Pamela’s New Workout” and have a whole lot less menu diving.

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yeah, this is not too hard… I just need to decide how to integrate it… things like audio vs control rate.

(even the clock is not too hard, as its not that dissimilar from external midi clock really)

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sfplayer is still a work in progress, if you want to give it a try it reads soundfonts in /usbdrive/media/soundfonts/ :slight_smile:
I’m planning on porting sampletwig after I finish some other projects, I think it will use the same directory structure as the other ORAC 2.0 patches


First of all, thank you for your generosity, this is incredible (I’m a brand new Organelle user, coming from Rack).

Now for my issues :slight_smile:

  1. I can’t manage orac on the Organelle itself. If I load Init I can switch modules using the keys, but when I press the selector I’m always in A1, regardless of whatever module I switched to. And once I load anything in it, the keys start acting like a keyboard and I can’t switch modules anymore.

  2. In the Pd client, after loading Init, I don’t see S2 - S1 has Parallel, and I can manage all other slots, including the Ps and Ms. I reckon I need it to run the clock in, right?

This is on a new Organelle, with 3.1, the Pd 0.49 update, and Pd 0.49 on the remote. I have a Keystep plugged in to the Organelle, and MIDI in configured as omni channel.

Thank you in advance!


I’ll tackle the first question -

This is normal behavior in Orac. The keyboard function when you have selected the router module ( parallel or series) is different than when you have selected a different module. To switch between modules, you must press the encoder + the key representing each module slot.

For example, encoder + lowest C on organelle keyboard is mapped to a1. There is a photo of all the module layouts near the top of this thread. :slight_smile:


For 2. , yes for init.
S1 should have a router eg Parallel
S2 should have clock in it,
All others are empty

( of course the same is true regardless of if your using the PD or the organelle tonview the modules/load preset)

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Yes, that’s what I got from the video, but in the Pd remote client I don’t have S2.

Doh! Thank you for that, I totally missed it!

Hmm, don’t have access at the moment to check. But have you gone thru all module slots - they are not perhaps in the order you are expecting in PD

When I get back to my Organelle I’ll double check.

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Yeah, at first I thought I had missed it due to the ordering, but I went through the list several times.

just check on mine and its on mine !?
it goes, A1, S1, A2,S2 (clock) , A3

I have A1, S1, A2, A3, B1, M1, B2, M2, B3, M3, B4, C1, P1, C2, P2, C3.
I’ve just checked orac (on the Organelle), and sure enough, S2 is there.

I can probably have a better look when I’m back from work, I know a little Pd, if you would be so kind as telling me where to look.

That’s the thing, there is nothing on the pd client - this is data sent from the Organelle.
So if the organelle has it, then so does the pd client.

All I can think is perhaps and issue with version of pd your using on Mac/windows ?
( I use latest 49)

But why you should get this and others not, I’ve no idea really

Does this only happen with init or also demo1?

What happens if you change on Organelle and save as a preset does it work?

With demo1 and demo2 I see (in the Pd client, running pd 49 on latest OS X):
A1, S1, A2, A3, B1, M1, B2, M2, B3, M3, B4, C1, P1, C2, P2, C3 (so again, no S2, and same order as init - don’t know how deterministic orac is in sending these over, hence mentioning it).

I then changed S2, as you suggested (to midiout), saved the preset, restarted pd, and lo! S2 shows up after A2. From here on, I can change it to whatever system tool I want, it keeps showing properly on the client, including clock - and this even if I restart the client, and after loading Init again (which I never saved over).

However… if I power cycle the Organelle, it’s gone again!