(Orac 2) problem saving presets

I’m having newly developed troubles saving Orac presets. It used to work fine, but now when I select “save preset” it does not update the params.json file on the USB drive (/usbdrive/data/orac/presets/preset-name), but there’s no error message in the Puredata console. When I select “new preset” followed by “save preset,” it doesn’t create a new folder on the USB drive.

I notice that after I load Orac, I’m unable to edit the params.json file directly on the Organelle with Leafpad. When I try to save, it says something like “Can’t open file to write” :thinking: file system shenanigans? Is something locking the USB drive and then Orac is unable to save?

I suspect the troubles started when I accumulated too many unused presets, so I deleted a bunch…but maybe this is unrelated :person_shrugging:

@thetechnobear any insights on this predicament? (P.S. Orac is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing :pray:)

I dug a bit into the MEC C++ code for saving presets but got lost…seeing as it worked for a long time and now doesn’t, the code probably isn’t the issue. So here I am.

I didn’t figure out what caused it, but I got around it by reinstalling orac and copying my old presets into the new directory :person_shrugging:

If anyone has any ideas on the cause I’m still curious!