Orac: Bug reports


Thanks for replying! I’ll try to explain better… I read the associated posts thoroughly before asking anything as I wouldn’t want to waste anyone’s time :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve successfully saved a preset with a chain setup using m9:3x3+1. In first position for each set of 3 I have chosen the punchy sequencer so I can program simple drum, bass and keys sequences all running together.

The problem is that after restarting Organelle and checking the preset is saved correctly I noticed that the punchy sequencer in the first position for each chain was not loading and I end up with a blank slot. So I had to add it again everytime I started up the preset. Kind of irritating so I tried to fix it by having a look around here and there…

When I checked the JSON file for preset configuration I immediately noticed that the name of the sequencer was > “moduleType”: “U-punch”, (this example in the first slot “m0”: { ) - so it was saved incorrectly and I believe this is the problem why it does not load because there are no modules with this name - it should be saved as > “moduleType”: “U-punchy”, not > “moduleType”: “U-punch”,

So I was wondering if there is a better way to fix this other than having to edit the JSON preset list?

Hope this is much clearer?
kind regards, J


ok, the issue is with the punchy module… id fixed it quite a while ago so had forgotten!


you will fine the name specified as U-punch, change it to U-punchy, and then saving presets will be correct.


Great! thanks for your help - I will update the file as you suggest.