Orac: "note thru" function related to users made synths

Hi! Im having some trouble with the "note thru" function while using any user-made synth module. When I have, for example, A1:seq3, A2:user-made synth, A3:orac-native synth, the "note thru" option on the A2 module seems to be always "on" even though its not (meaning the synth on A3 sounds too when a sequence is playing on A1, or when the keys are played at A2). And if i change the user-synth at A2 with any native synth, then the note thru starts to work fine. Does anybody knows why this happens? and if it`s fixable and how? thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

tl;dr - older orac 1 modules may not have been updated to reflect new capablities of orac 2

Orac 1 did not have the note thru functionality, so all synths passed thru the notes by default (so you could layer synths)

in Orac 2, I added the note thru functionality, and so for all the included synths, stopped them passing thru the notes. (as the orac 2 code does this without the synth knowing/caring)
so id guess the synth has not been updated (or updated correctly)

really its just a matter of ensuring the module does not send the notes in to notes out, and it’ll ‘just work’, so small change.

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Thanks a lot! I was able to modify all the patches without any problem.

and also thanks for all the help you always give to the organelle users community.

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