Organelle patches that play nice with Eurorack

Hitting one of those ‘brain overload!’ spots. Just started in to modular and planning out the last spaces in my rack. Thinking Organelle can help out with some jobs (extended options for beats, samples, fx, sequencers etc). Still struggling for any time for music at all, let alone PD learning so im looking for patches that ‘just work’ … I’m pretty up to date with what’s out there in terms of patches on my USB stick. Just have no idea how well any of them integrate with euro… Nearly always used my Organelle standalone…

Anyone using Organelle with their rig via Yarns/Hermod etc and have any kind of list for Organelle patches that work (bpm sync, transport start/stop sync etc) straight off with no code tweaks? Would really help me out in picking last few modules if I have a better idea of what I can add from outside the rig…


I’ve mainly been using the sequencers in an Orac chain sending out midi which gets converted to cv/trig.
I also use a pyramid but the sequencers are a bit different on the organelle.

I’ve also at times used it for fx.

But lots of options

I did wonder about using an es module to integrate directly with cv, that could be fun. But I’ve a Bela Salt which can do similarly to organelle anyway.

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Sorry for the slow reply, thanks for the response :slight_smile: I’m still figuring it out… seem to find myself using a different ‘make do’ solution config every time I jam… fun but looking forward to getting a little more ‘settled’ in a couple of areas…clock source for one…

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im in a similar situation, im trying to get my Organelle setup such that its connected to everything else … pretty much there now :slight_smile:

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