Organelle-Based Music Thread

Hi all!

I wanted to start a thread for artists to support artists, filled with shameless self promotion of their organelle-based recordings.

I’ll start.

‘Doesn’t Always’ is the first release of my solo ambient project entitled Jay’s Well. This EP was recorded at home, using an Organelle, many old Casio synths (which I later sampled and use through the organelle for live performance purposes), running through effects pedals.

This EP is available on the Bandcamp link listed below, but also on Spotify, Apple Music, and more streaming services.

What have you been making?!


I recorded this in Orac 2 with just a guitar going into overloop, and then various other effects in series… at some point I think I turned everything up… it was just a sketch that I recorded using capture, though i should probably put it into a proper DAW and clean it up and do some other cool stuff… we’ll see… If you continue on my channel on soundcloud, some of the stuff uses the Organelle-M… see if you can guess which ones exactly, I haven’t labeled them (this is kind of a private/public share, and this is the first time I’ve shared the link with anyone outside of a private message)

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My new album Random Gestures uses Organelle quite heavily together with tape and tape loops, OP-1, VCV Rack, Ableton, Avalanche Run, guitar, piano (Labs and Lekko) and field recordings.


Truly beautiful sounds. Thanks for this.

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Inspiring music. <3

Both these releases were made with an organelle-1 no external sequencing or mixing.
Some guitar sounds and fieldrecordings were used as source material.

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Organelle-1 and Korg minilogue all over this recording.