Organelle, Elektron Digitone, Korg Volcas and some other "friends"

Hey everyone!

First post here, even though I used to lurk around with a different account. :wink:

I’m currently finishing the mixes of an album I made about 80% with the Organelle, but in the meantime I decided it might be fun to try to play these songs “live” (at home) with a different setup and make some videos out of it.

This is the 1st video from that experience, using the Elektron Digitone as the brain for the whole setup. On the Organelle I’m using a sampler patch on the beginning and the Punchy patch halfway through the song. Hope you’ll like it, any comments are welcomed!


Another week, another video, another color! :slight_smile:

This time it’s a dark ambient track unashamedly inspired by Twin Peaks, using mostly the Korg Volca FM and Keys. The Organelle on this one is just playing a Monotron sample I recorded previously (I promisse the next videos will feature more Organelle!)

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Going full sci-fi this week with some synthwave from outer space! :space_invader:

Using the “Arpeggio analog style” patch on the 1st half of the song, and a “sampler style” patch with Linndrum samples for the 2nd part.