Organelle // Irig2?

Hello everybody,

I’m Romain, new happy fellow user of the organelle !

I have one question :

does the irig2 can work with the organelle or do you have other solution ?

Thanks and bravo

I too would like to know this, before I rush out to buy a usb midi cable. Tried it but no luck so far.

What iRig2? This:

Or this iRig MIDI 2

I’m sure the later can be used with the Organellle as a class compliant MIDI interface, this reading the specs, although I |don’t have any of those.

Thanks for replying. It’s the second one irig2midi. The organelle shows it as connected and when I hit a key on the organelle the irig appears to be receiving midi (blue indicator flashing).

Just wondering. Do patches have to be midi “enabled “ in some way or can you use midi to trigger pretty much any sound generating patch?

No, Organelle always sends/receive MIDI; ver.3.0 has now a MIDI Setup for choosing various parameters… (and mother.pd can be user customised :wink:
Then there are many Patch categories, here for description = Organelle Patches and some patches are more like traditional synths, accepting MIDI note on/off ex. Analog Style /Basic Poly etc…

Take a look at the manual :wink:

Oh, just send MIDI CC21 and see what happens to knob 1 value :wink:

Thank you so much for your help will take another look later after work.

After much faffing about I finally just bought a prosound usb to midi cable and everything works like a charm. True Plug and Play.
The box that keeps giving giving giving giving
oops sorry had a delay patch on😬

ohhh … I have not been here for so long that I did not see your answers !!! you seem to have found solutions! Personally I bought the Roland Um-ONE and it works perfectly !!


Can confirm, I send midi into my organelle through the irig2 works nicely