Organelle, Kenton midi host, digitakt

I’m new around here and i have a question regarding the midi connectivity with organelle and Digitakt. In the setup im working on the organelle should be slave of the Digitakt. I have a quadra thru from midi solutions plugged in the midi output of the Digitakt and usb midi host (Kenton) with the organelle plugged in one of the pins from Quadra thru. My problem is that the Midi host does not recognize organelle. The light keeps blinking meaning that is waiting to some device by plugged. The usb cable im using is type A male to male. Has anyone experienced this kind of problem?

The Organelle is a USB host, not a device, so it won’t work like this. A male to male type A USB cable should not be used.

You should be able to just plug the digitakt into the organelle and send midi that way. It will function as your master so long as the organelle patch you’re using accepts external clock.

Edit — Plug the digitakt into the organelle with usb. It’s class compliant.

I have no idea whats going on in this setup.
Can you take a picture?
You need a midi-usb adapter, which you can plug into your digitakt or the quadra thru. There is no use in this setupfor a midi host device as far as i can see.

Confirmed this morning I was able to send notes, ccs, and clock to organelle from my Digitone over a usb connection. As far as I know Digitakt works the same.

Make sure overbridge mode is off, midi out is set to usb, and activate the midi channel in the midi track settings:


By default it’s set to off (shows a X) – hold function and press the encoder of the parameter you want to activate.

Then open midi settings in Organelle and you should see your Digitakt there.