Trouble recognizing midi devices

Hello everyone. My organelle doesn’t recognize any midi devices.

By now I’ve invested in several different trs—>midi connectors, including the one from the C&G store. I’ve made sure to connect while everything’s off. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

I should add that the Organelle does recognize my Arturia BeatStep Pro, but only when it’s connected to the Organelle’s USB port.

Can anyone shed some light on my strife?


Do you mean that you can’t send midi in/out to your devices?
Or that they don’t show up in the Midi menu?

Only USB connected devices would show up in the MIDI menu.

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Major facepalm. It works perfectly fine, I was just thrown off when devices didn’t “show up” in the midi menu. Thank you!

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Glad you sorted it out :wink:

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