Organelle M to Octatrak TRS-DIN MIDI

I’m trying to drive my Organelle M from an Octatrak. I’m using the DIN MIDI OUT on the Octatrak to connect to the TRS MIDI IN on the Organelle M.

However - no messages are bring passed.

The strange thing is - when I connect my OP-Z OpLab (which also uses TRS) to the Organelle, they pair perfectly. Additionally, the Octatrak talks perfectly to other DIN devices.

Is there something I don’t know about the bridge between TRS and DIN MIDI?

This might be a problem with the TRS to DIN adapter cable. There are unfortunately 2 varieties, and the Organelle uses the so called Type A. Did you check the cable works by trying to connect the OP-Z and the Octatrack?

I think you might be right - it that cable doesn’t work for the Octatrak either. I’m going to start fresh with ordering a couple from the C&G store and see where it gets me.