Startup problem Organelle M

Hi everyone,

Last year I’ve bought the new Organelle M. It worked wonderfully until a week ago. I’ve always used an appropriate power supply (accordant to organelle requirements).
In recent times I’ve gifted the power supply to a friend in need and started using the one that came with my organelle. Living in Italy, I must plug an adapter to the U.S. standard power supply to make it work.
Last week I tried to power up the organelle, after a month not using it, and the blue light sparkling before the actual startup remained still and the screen was pitch black (as I try today, the same things happen). I’ve tried powering it up with batteries. And I’ve also tried to remove and reinsert the sd card (like someone suggested in the forum). None of these solutions actually work.
I’m not a tech expert, but I didn’t found any fried components after opening up the case. The blue light remains to me a “good sign” anyway!

Do you have any suggestions? Some hope to give?

If you plug into an HDMI display , does anything get displayed?

This is what I see.

I am having a similar problem, the organelle does not show anything on screen, first there is a bleu light then after it is getting green. After a few cold (3 to 4 times0 reboots the screen appears ,and everything is normal, I have two do this already for 4 months,