Organelle not turning off

My Organelle’s light continues to blink different colors minutes after turning the unit off. The only way to turn the unit completely off is to take the batteries out. This behavior began today. Any help?

Does this behavior happen with the power supply? If not, the batteries could be low.

my batteries are recently recharged and the status bar displays them as full. currently the blinking is a couple blinks every 5-10 minutes. i will try taking out the batteries and plugging in the power supply to note any differences in behavior.

Hey, did you ever get an answer to this? I recently got a secondhand Organelle M and I’ve noticed the same behavior with it. It will be off, then suddenly it turns itself on. Sometimes it only blinks the light, while sometimes I’ll hear a pop from the speaker and it’s fully booted up. It was quite the surprise.

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low batteries caused the issue for me

Interesting…I noticed this too with low batteries. More interestingly though, I also noticed this with no batteries but with power supply attached. Maybe my unit just has a strong will to live!

If I were to guess there might be an issue with the linux device module for Power Management. Something strange is happening when the batteries drain to a threshold, that is triggering an edge case in the Power Management logic. All Shots in the dark of course. I haven’t looked at any console output when the problem occurs.