Organelle Midi Looper?

4 ch midi looping device with non-destructive quantization and overdubbing etc… that could be a nice sequencer patch for the organelle… with save function it would be just perfect;)
This pack from C&G might do it - also the new uses the same seq3 sequencer.
Not 4 channel but quantised, overdub capable and with 14 saveable and live-launchable sequences per instance.

You could use this and just turn the sound down, use midi out.

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Thanks wannop, i know that seq3-pack but it‘s only quantitzing the startpoint of the sequence… arpeggio seq3 is quantizing in 16th or 8th notes but its another thing… with that hardware midi looper you can quantize in different meters as far as i know and it‘s nondestructive (you can always go back to non-quantized)… i was just curious if that is something what eventually could be coded with pd (organelle, orac?)…cheers

It could be but sounds like some real hard work! I’m not capable of putting this together - you might have to buy the device unless someone is feeling very generous!

Does the start and end point quantisation in seq 3 really not do the job? I find recorded sequences sound nice and natural sounding.

You could also use a DAW for this if you just wanted to control external gear. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Wannop!

@jani you might like the new Three Tracks patch. It seems to be close to what you’re asking for:


Sounds very interesting that new 3-track-seq… thank you chris, i‘ll try that out soon!! a note quantize function would be fantastic but seems hard to code?.. thanks wannop;) when it comes to make simple playalong tracks in a jam (i play drums in a reggae project) it‘d be really handy to have something on a device like the organelle, to quickly put in some tight quantized tshaggas and a simple melody to play along… i just wanted to try things without pc/mac host… cheers

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