Organelle music


generated completely with Pure Data on Organelle. “Eighteen” patch


A project I’ve been working on for a little bit - gathering ideas and workflow - now starting to get this done.
Using Arturia Emulations, Octatrack, Organelle, Volca FM.

The first POTPOURRI release will be the ‘Casette Honey EP’, a tribute to my late father and the synth sounds that filled the house and our family car in my childhood and young adulthood. Synclavier, ARP 2600, Prophet 5 sounds feature heavily alongside Pure Data processing and instruments from the Organelle.


Very nice ambient sounds. I like the stereo effects. I intend to check all the music out on this thread , though it may take a while.


Hi all, hope to keep this thread alive! Found this earlier today, it is not me and I don’t know if this guy is on the forum but he made a cool little video featuring our favorite blue box, enjoy!


That’s my video! I was just heading over here to post it myself. I couldn’t have made it without the help of this forum (and @thetechnobear in particular) so it’s really nice to see it already found it’s way here. I’m glad you enjoyed the video Lazaruz4, and thank you for sharing it for me. :slight_smile:


It’s really well made glad to share!


hey yall! not a really heavy use of the organelle, but i used it for some granular freezer atmosphere by mxing vox, violin, and guitar together. vid posted a few days ago (you can see the organelle a few times tooo!)


partial party + drumset
more of a hybrid ‘acoustic drums enhanced with electronics’ approach.
very pleased that it works so well with the microphone!
tom sounds almost like triggered, but feels super-natural.
let me know what you think! :slight_smile: (…sorry for smartphone audio only)


beautiful man!


This is gonna be all done and printed up soon! So hyped. Organelle allll over it :slight_smile:
Best, most therapeutic instrument i ever played!


that looks like so much fun!


Some randomness with @ringhof Turingmachina V2

Turing Machina - Sequencer

This is really very cool. Didn’t quite get what could be done by randomizing channels til watching this!


Btw what is that visualization in Ableton? Nativem? Plug-in?


yeah you got it! its kind of extreme just to show it, but has huge potential ,-) I like ringhof description about Turingmachina "You only can “steer” it in a certain direction.


Its Ableton Live native Spectrum; just double click to open11


Ah, and it was just sitting there this whole time! Thanks :wink:


A new track of mine called ‘Soon’ has been put up on bandcamp and the EP it’s from is available on pre-order if anyone is interested at all. Will be out Feb 2nd but hey ho! Cheaplist. @shreeswifty you get your promised album credit! haha.
On this track I used the organelle for processing but not synth sounds. Some other tracks on the EP are all organelle - recorded straight to DAW. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Marvelous! Is that a drum machine you used for the pitter-patter beat?


It’s a patch on arturias buchla music easel being modulated with a bunch of lfo’s through Max for Live real quick. Wish I had a unit that could make those noises.