Organelle music

Starting at 1:56 it sounds very cool the ghostly synths :heart:

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Oberheim Xpander eFx thru Organelle

Might have to cop this tape. Sounding amazing!


:smiley: Thanks so much man!

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Here is a song I made with YUE and a modded vocoderized version of Shree’s Spectral Warper patch. Hopefully will be releasing this soon :slight_smile:

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Love the scuttling energy of this man :muscle:
+++excitement for that patch!

Feel I am spamming now, but the whole thing was released yesterday. @oweno @chrisk gonna make sure a copy is sent your way!

Tracks 2 and 4 are 100% 'ganelle. Using mallet instruments in sampler style on one with another organelle doing some effects processing. (Soundhack Delay+ track 2 and Shmorphagene Quartz on track 4)


These are great! Two organelles, huh? You’ve given me an idea… :wink:

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My latest collections of songs —>

Featuring some of the mellowtron patch, some of the shepard patch, some of the convolve patch and maybe one or two others.

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Another Ambient Live Stream is done :slight_smile: This one gets quite rythmical after about six minutes. The Organelle is doing a few chords and controlling the clouds.

Edit: Oh yeah there is lots going on in the subs on this one so I recommend headphones or subwoofer.


cool setup! :dark_sunglasses: :clinking_glasses:

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Thanks. Been spending a lot of time programming lately. The little Arduino screen is really making a difference!

This whole track emerged from playing with the new Zone patch that Critter and Guitari recently posted.

Not in the least bit experimental but the patch was so gorgeous I wanted to share

The main keyboard sound is the Organelle


Absolutely loved this, thanks for sharing.

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Here’s a batch of singles I released that heavily uses the Granular Freezer patch (super original title). I’m sending tracks on the OT from the cue outs into the Organelle and back into the OT. First song has the main riff/0coast sample going into the patch, second song has the same 0coast sample, a live 0coast line, and a drone on the Microgranny going into the patch. On the 3rd song I have a reversed loop going into the patch at the start, and switch it midway to take in a 0coast drone and play chords on the Organelle w/ the grains. Safe to say I’ll be taking a long break from this patch :sweat_smile:


Disclaimer: This is a ‘theoretical’ and/or ‘research-based’ type of Organelle Music post and should not be confused with the thoughtful, practiced, and well-produced music posted before it!

This video is a very tiny example of the over one billion sonic combinations possible when using three Organelles running the 1008 patch!

1008 features 9 synths/samplers, 8 sequencers, and 14 effects. Choose one of each to build up a sound. There are 1,008 possible combinations (9x8x14)!

With three Organelles using 1008 there are 1,024,192,512 possible combinations (1008x1008x1008)!

These three are connected via MIDI in a loop, so MIDI goes out of Organelle A into Organelle B, out of Organelle B into Organelle C, and from Organelle C back to Organelle A.


Ah I really want a second Organelle now!!

Me too! :smiley:

I don’t get enough time making (and certainly not finishing) patches for the Organelle sadly

Fortunately there is a load of you out there making great stuff!

Used the Nori sampler as the lead sound on this 1 minute video over the weekend

(and you can hear the same ideas at much greater length here should they float your boat

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Released my EP “Zinal” which i also used Organelle for:

And heres the teaser:

Enjoy #mountainsthroughmusic

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