Organelle music

This is superb man. Can you offer any advice on how you did this? I’m thinking of getting the CT5 too.

Was it a live recording? You have a vocal / pad thing goin on with a droplet. Beautiful

Yo! Firstly, I really appreciate the positive feedback. I’m a young amateur musician who dabbles in too many instruments and has a pedal problem. That being said, the Count 2 Five is probably my favorite pedal purchase (I think I own somewhere around to 20 pedals?)

Anyway, yes, that particular song was completely improvised and recorded all in one go, no post-processing. It’s probably my favorite track on my mostly-improvised Organelle-driven album, which you can find at here if you’re interested.

Short answer:

Used CT5 to mix in different speeds, directions and pitches of the Genny patch, making a quick, beautiful pad.

Long answer:

Mode 3 of the CT5 allows you to change the direction and speed of a sample (left of noon reverses the loop, right of noon plays forward, further from noon is faster/higher pitch). The CT5 also has a not-very-obvious quantize mode switch which swaps between 7 or 8 different quantize modes, default being no quantization at all. This means when I change the speed and direction, it shifts in particular steps instead of from a loose/goofy/hard to accurately tune gradient of ~0-100. It’s more like 0/40/80/100/120/160/200% speed, as an example. This makes it easier to replicate desired sounds and to perform with better intention.

The speed and direction of this one loop is all dictated by a single knob.

To make a brilliant/complex thing even crazier, another switch on the CT5 enables more loops, each with their own respective direction/speed knob. This allows you to run 3 loops each at their own different speeds and directions (though there is only one mix knob).

CT5’s admittedly a little intimidating at first, in part because I’ve found few accurate/complete summaries of it, but if and when you buy one I’d be totally open to showing you how it works via video call, or if you’re on the fence about it I can go ahead and show you anyway.

Last note is that scalpers often sell the CT5 for $300-400, and whie that’s not terribly unfair, if you can get your hands on one directly from the manufacturer (they’re very limited run and go pretty quickly), I believe they run $265 from him.


Thankyou so much for the detailed reply! Really thanks alot.

I’ve been in two minds between red panda particle and the CT5. I don’t own organelle yet but I’m an OP1 user. My aim is to run op1 + organelle together through a minimal fx chain probably cinsisting of old blood endeavours dark star reverb, CT5 and Particle.

I currently have an Octatrack which I love, but my musical taste has changed so I’m strufiling to be inspired by it. As soon as inspired goes and i completr my rig i will hit you up for a chat if that’s ok?

I will listen to the album now. Is it an album of live recordings or a mixture?

Having used both the Red Panda Particle and the CT5, I would say CT5 is more useful/important for my purposes. That Particle’s an incredible piece of equipment, and by no means a one trick pony, but I think the CT5 brings more tricks and more practicality, and with careful navigation is even capable of achieving many of the textures and effects the Particle brings to the table.

I don’t know a single thing about Octotracks but I see them mentioned here pretty regularly. OP-1’s definitely on my someday wishlist, though I imagine by the time I’m ready to pull the trigger on it there will be something better and more cost effective on the market.

That sounds like a legit pedal chain. I’m also a huge fan of Walrus Audio’s Julia pedal (chorus & vibrato), mostly because of the warped vinyl type feel that it can achieve pretty effortlessly. It’s capable of getting weird but I really love the subtle movements it can achieve.

Regarding my album, all but two songs are improvisation. Supine was my roommate’s rhythm guitar that I laid some synth/drums/guitar/bass over lead guitar. My lead guitar part has a satisfying demonstration of what the Julia pedal does for me. Track 10, the Silver Jews cover, was one take of guitar and vocals with one take of some Organelle stuff over it.

Featuring @thetechnobear’s braids patch


I’ve been really enjoying @thetechnobear’s mutable instruments ports. here is a video running his clouds port on the organelle.


Here’s something I did last year for my first electronics-only solo show. I’ve been using this set up for bands I play in as an addition to my drum set, but this is the first time I just brought the blinking boxes. It’s an improvised piece that uses the Organelle, Nord Drum2 (played live with sticks, and sequenced in parts), Roland TM-2 sampler, and KaossPad.

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tape loops, field recordings, op1 and organelle (arpeggio synth, cinematic piano, rhodes48 and simple strings).
hope you like it.


I dig it!

Here’s a clip when I first got my Organelle. Couldn’t help but try a Little Bon Iver. :wink:Creeks snippet


just picked up an organelle two weeks ago, been enjoying getting my feet wet with pd programming!

here’s an improvisation using the organelle as a midi looper to drive a makenoise 0-coast.


Lovely ambient noodle!

new noise-POp!

featuring samples played through patches such as Jeraphy (mostly), Genny, HRando, 1008 etc. also sounds from noisyheaven, guitar2organ and guitar2mellotron. i think.

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live sample chopping/looping with organelle + monome grid.


Hey, bit of organelle here about halfway through, probably not the most exciting but even Basic Poly has its place right?


Nicely done man. Basic poly is C&G’s bread and butter I reckon!

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here’s another patch using the organelle with the monome grid as a 4-track looper. current patch has assignable buffer i/o, variable sub-looppoints + playhead direction/speed, snapshot memory, and a pattern recorder.


delightful sounds :slightly_smiling_face:

Some Organelle action here, a quite wonderful reimagining of Massive Attack and Sigur Ros:


Here’s an EP where almost every track an Organelle is heavily used.

Order a copy, I’m trying to sell through them to get money for the next release!

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New live video. Organelle is the source for all the melodic elements.