Organelle music


All Organelle, made when I first got it and was all jazzed about the stock patches. Still am but there’s so much more now.


Here’s a tune I wrote and recorded using the organelle with everything (guitar goes thru too) except the vocals… Singer/songwriter-ee! It was a super fun project.


Using Polybeats for …um, beats! as well as some effects on the organelle.


Hello everybody : This is one of my work with an organelle and septavox :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,
here are some excerpts of a session with violin and live sampling, using the Organelle and PD on a computer.


Hi everybody - I’m not using the Organelle to directly make the sounds here, but rather as a multi-track looper to perform material I’d already written that mostly featured guitar/vocals/synth. This is a live video session I did with a local arts/music publication where I live and all of the audio (with the exception of the drums) was recorded/looped live on the spot thanks to the Organelle:

My pedalboard didn’t make it in any of the shots but I’m using primarily Meris and Chase Bliss pedals to get all these tones, running direct in to the Organelle via a Neunaber Iconoclast.

They also did an interview with me if you’d like some context:


This track contains at least 3 organelle patches: not_stockhousen, Mellowtron and drone, along with processed electric guitar and field recordings.


Here’s a track of all ciat lonbarde stuff, but being processed through clds in the organelle…


J Dillicious will always be one of my all time favorite patches.


this is a record i made with the organelle in the first 36 hours of purchasing the unit. No other processing devices were used save for an electric guitar, volume pedal,Roland cube amp and an e-bow on one track.
thanks so much for listening


Fascinating stuff you got going there. Which patches did you use?


Yeah I love it too! Well done. The vocoder never sounds good on me somehow.


Disxiple ! Nice finding you here! Great track !


thanks man! The vocoder is great with a little EQ


4 Organelle patches, mixed in Ableton, mastered in Ozone. Bird samples by Valotikhuu ( Organelle patches by shreeswifty (


Nice work. I love glitches vs. marimba ambience.


Thanks @pt3r and thanks for listening!


One more from yesterday. 4 tracks of Organelle recorded onto the OP1. More @shreeswifty pure data goodness


Ten Songs for Winter:

This one uses the organelle as icing on top of the songs, and sometimes for effects. There is some Mellowtron, Lost in Translation Synth, Arp II, Lo-Fi Piano, Theremin and DUST.


This song’s working title was “Segmenti Translosso Experimon” :wink:

Sampled into Ableton and then buffer shuffled / processed / arranged.