Organelle music


This one is for advanced listeners, I guess. Very glitchy, very broken.
Patches used: Sampler & Synth (beats), Xenakis (droning lows), Drunkkmachine (…ehm…‘other’ noises), Mellowtron (cello).
Also starring: OP-1
FX: EHX MM Hazarai (Organelle), CT5+Strymon Timeline+TC T2 Trinity reverb (OP-1), Hexe Melusine III (vinyl crackle & noise, just because…)


Right up my street! Cold and glitchy. Nice one man.


Thanks, glad you llike it.


Very pleasant to listen to!


Something I made recently pretty much exclusively with the Organelle, used an SP404 to push some of the samples from the Juno patch. Also used chord roller, arp synth and vocoder patches.


Not a finished song, but improv just using the Organelle and an Octatrack to loop sections and automate the organelle, has some weak spots but makes use of lots of different patches for organelle.


Here’s a cover of “In The Air Tonight” where I used the organelle and also had the video scope for some visuals.


This is so so good. What patches are you using? Whats your mic running through? Got a subscriber in me!


Here’s a little something I put together this morning. Everything that sounds like beats, synths & noises as generated by the new PrettyPoisson patch in a single take. I managed to set it to 110 bpm. Bells and humming come from a custom polyrhythm patch I made using some oriental percussion samples.
Even with its heavily limited (invisible :slight_smile: )control options at the moment, Poisson is already awesome. I love it.


Thanks so much man! I used the vocoder patch and then used the analog patch for the chords. I also used the basic poly patch & tape synth patch for the lead stuff.


Agreed! Nice recording and nice patch shree!


Here’s a fresh one: tremolo Sequencer and Slicer patches on the Organelle, the rest is all the Volcas and some pedals.


Also when it comes to mics, I’m using the AEA R-84 for vocals. For drums I’m using just overheads. Cascade ribbon mics, Aston condenser mic for the room and R84 for room as well. I also used some cheap sterling condernsers but ehh


Word! Listening to Roaring Twenties now!


New jam recorded on the cell phone this afternoon, featuring the Spruce patch (with Rhodes samples) and the Tape Synth!


Dude! Thanks so much for listening!


Man I really appreciate seeing people create cool music with my patches! thank you for the compliment.
I really like the granular freezer idea, and as I’ve been able to ‘modularize’ the C&G patch and use it in my last patch, I think I might try to go back and add it to coolwave king and grids prowave…I’ll may have to tweak some stuff to make it run smooth, i’ve noticed grain stuff is a processor hog :slight_smile:


Holy moly that would be incredible!
Big love!


This one features sheerswifty’s lates offering, Smorphagene0.3. This one is very complex and needs refinement but you can do some crazy stuff with it. I used samples from Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ and the Organelle was running thru a Strymon Big Sky. Also starring were the OP-1 and the Moog Sub37. Past 04:40 it’s Smorphagene going wild on its own.


After some experimenting, I wasn’t able to get the granular freeze to operate well on coolwave king or grids_PD - for some reason kept running into clicks and pops, wet/dry issues - BUT - I went back to the simpler coolwave patch I had done , the original, and I have something pretty cool working…will be posting tonight on patchstorage