Organelle music


Sorry didn’t flake out or forget, got lost in adding new features…will be posted today. Going to be 2 oscillator now with wavetable select and mix of each, delay upgraded to a stereo ping pong filtered thingy, etc. Everything works just working out a few bugs when it first loads.

Here we go:


It is… ace! Such a wide range of sounds you can get with it. Doubles as a multi effect processor… Grains+reverb+delay+wavesynth. So good. What is varidelay? Plus grainlfo? Riding that coolwave. Times are good for the organelle. X


This thing is a delight and works great, I didn’t notice any bugs when I was playing around with it. The CoolWave stuff are some of my fave organelle patches, thanks for putting these together!


So glad you are enjoying…varidelay is based on a help file and is sort of a flanger/arpeggiator/wobbly note maker - try #5 on it. GrainLFO I believe modulates the density and/or spread of the grain


I really appreciate it, thanks for using them


Here’s a piece I created using the latest and insanely amazing patch by our very own @shreeswifty called bashfest as the primary source of beats. Broken beats, that is, reverberation appears courtesy of the Strymon Big Sky. I added a minimal hats/snare groove to make the track a little tighter, used a customized Polybeats patch for this. I used another Poly-patch with tiple samples set to low decay and double speed. Also starring and responsible for the droning bass synth & occasional whining was the OP-1, on which a Montreal Assembly Count to 5 pedal was in charge of the slow reversed roars. Recommended to advanced listeners! :slight_smile:


Radness. I can’t hear the bleep that keeps popping off when I use bashfest, is it just me with that issue?


I used a clone of bashfest that I’d loaded with a set of houshold item samples. Think cupboards, boxes, books, doors, scissors and the like. So it’s the same 'swifty patch with different sounds, hence the lack of that bleep, me thinks.

Sound quality opinions?

this is making me very happy


New patch on patchstorage:

Another wavetable synth variation, but this time focusing on 8-bit NES waves, with a few other thrown in to boot.
-Mono or poly
-Delay / Reverb
-Portamento /Vibrato /ADSR
-Arpeggiator for Mono, 1 key to trigger 17 different chord patterns
-Grain freeze ala C&G

Hope you enjoy


I have a new patch that I am wanting an arpegiator this is awesome work!


messing around with something kinda dancey


super good man! what’s your workflow go like when putting something like this together? i struggle when it comes to polishing and laying stuff down as opposed to endless looping.


Do you use Ableton for a DAW by any chance? I’d be happy to send you the project file if so! If not I’ll write out my basic structure stuff tomorrow for you!


I do use Ableton! I also use an Octatrack which is billed by some as ‘Ableton in a box’ (as if a laptop wasn’t already a box) but i’m not really finding that to be the case… I think structure and stages of putting things together is my main thing i’m lacking…


Here’s a track I did with the SampleStretcher patch by our very own @Blavatsky. I like this patch a lot, no matter at the moment it handles only short sections of the sample. I threw in some OP-1, Mopho x4, Sub37 and fx boxes as well. I used a soundclip from a '60s cold war propaganda film.


That was fast! good job man, glad someone else found that tool useful


Poisson patch and OP-1 Arp, quick little one taker.


Fixed patch version, now AUX is used to record your own samples and you select a key to play the loop / record to that key number :slight_smile: . It will record up to a minute and loop the whole thing correctly. A few times when I recorded it did not update immediately to that key/note, if that happens just hit the note again and it will reload the array.


forgot about this one, the stereo rhythmicon really shines through as a drone in the background