Organelle OS 3.1 TB Beta



these sticks are a pain…I think its more than likely the kernel drivers, if we can get the newer linux kernel on the organelle, im pretty certain most of these issues will disappear…all the devices that dont work with the current Organelle image, all work perfectly with my ‘development’ image - so there is some ray of hope :rainbow:
(this is also why the Organelle is more ‘pedantic’ about other hardware than a raspberry PI)


Over here went flawlessly and smooth! is this the no-more-hangs… (in truth only had one; yesterday.)



release b6

  • fixed install issue (again, lol :slight_smile: )

@oweno was able to give me some steps to reproduce the error.
the issue was caused by upgrading from 3.0 (or earlier 3.1 beta) to 3.1 by copying the zip file and using the 'Install Update…" option, rather than unzipping.
knowing this has allowed me to track down the issue, and fix it properly.

one minor issue remains, and that is that the zip file is not deleted, this is due to a bug in 3.0, which Ive fixed in 3.1… in other words, subsequent upgrades will correctly delete the zip file after the install, due to the change ive made in 3.1.

important note
it is recommend for anyone upgrading from 3.x , to copy the zip file to the USB stick, and then use the “Install…” option (i.e. do not unzip the file on your desktop and copy across, unless your using 2.1) - using this process should prevent issues we faced in the past with ‘corruption’ caused by usb sticks.


Hello b6… oh and a lot of work on your end…
All good here.

As you can see I’m most of the time now on sdcard only :wink: (thanks to you) so… maybe not much help;
THIS time zip file did not delete, I’m sure it did previous b5, b4 ???
I never unzip the install file, always use 'Install Update…" option.

Oh … you can see the new knobs, damm



anyway, Ive now fixed this too… so the official release 3.1 will delete the install zip file as well.
(Im not releasing this change to PS at this time, as its so minor)


topic closed as officially released now