Organelle OS 3

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Thank you!!!

Question re: wifi adaptor
Is the C&G wifi stick a good choice, or should I be looking at other options in order to implement wifi connectivity on my organelle?

yes, the C&G wifi stick is the preferred device. This also works (same chipset):


for those in Europe, try to find one thats using an Realtek Audio 5370 chipset.

this is the one i have, which is ideal (small and cheap) and available from lots of places.
(dont worry about brand, there are loads of clones, just check the chipset)

(fyi, my mistake the first time i ordered a wifi stick for the organelle, was trying to order a more recent , and ‘better spec’ stick , which proved to be incompatible :wink: )


Brilliant stuff!

Only one question…The easy install by dragging and dropping a zip/zop file into the USB is fantastic! However, the process seems to have left me with some annoying menu items that I can’t seem to get rid of. And that dont seem to exist when I examine the stick on my Mac, even with “hidden files” set to display. Is there any way to easily delete them?

ok , thats macOS… adding its own ‘system files’ which is why they are not shown.
try mounting the usb stick on the mac and possibly emptying the trash can, it may remove them when it notices the underlying file is gone.

its a pain, its an easy fix, but i never saw this when i tested it… could be because i usually move files around on the command line. (if you do this with wifi and the patch manager to upload, you wont get it either)

perhaps if we wait a while, we can see if other issues crop up, and if they do we can release a minor update…, or a I can create a small system patch which will fix it.

grrrr…MacOS adding system files and then hiding them so well you cant find and kill them, even when you tell your MacBook to show them. Will have a fiddle!

if your familiar with the command line (terminal) you can delete them with something like

cd /Volumes/ORGANELLE/Patches
rm ._*

(your usb stick may be named differently)

thanks! My command line mastery is very much of the cut and paste variety. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

A generic dongle stolen from my son’s Raspberry Pi (it may have come bundled with the Kano kit I think…) works perfectly. Am now (post wifi setup) into the web interface, which is brilliant! The level of slickness and sophistication you’ve delivered for the Organelle in just a matter of months is outstanding. Massive thanks for your fantastic work!

Thanks, that one on Amazon actually ends up being cheaper, since C&G charges UPS Ground at $17.96 for shipping

OMG! :heart_eyes:

Wow web based patch manager!

Wow supercollider!

Wow OLED Graphics!!!

Thank you for all your work, what a fab update.

Question, will I have to install OTC again after installing this or will it just upgrade the organelle os?

i need to make a .zop
how do i do this?


no it wont touch OTC…
however, id recommend upgrading OTC_Mother, and OTC_Web.
(both now available as zop installs, and you can then remove the old versions)

this is already answered above (post #12)

Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Couldn’t love the little blue box more.

I’m having trouble installing the OS update. After shortly checking files it shows an error message:

Upgrade failed: files
Try downloading and
running this patch again

I’m already running system Version 2.1

Anybody else having this problem?

This means something happened to the files during download / unzipping / copying to USB drive…some things to try:

  • Get rid of all downloaded and unzipped versions of the patch (on your computer and USB drive)
  • Download a fresh version
  • Unzip it and try copying it to the USB drive again

If this fails, try reformatting your USB drive or try a different USB drive if possible.

I couldn’t use 2 different midi devices at the same time, I’ve installed OS3, my previous OS was the last 2beta.

I used a USB hub, which works fine in my computer.

Thanks for the help!