Organelle OS Update, Example Patches

I just ran the update but the multi page synth isn’t working, and I can’t see any changes.

What does it say under ‘version’ when you select Info from the System menu? Does it say anything when you try the multipage synth?

It says version 2.1 and I can see the save and save new, however, when I open the multipage synth I can’t change between the menus. When I hit the AUX it starts a sequencer.

DISCOVERED THE ISSUE! If you have downloaded mother.pd before to deal with the midi issue, than you must remove it, and update the OS. Runs great now, Thank you Critter and Guitari!


The encoder is not functioning as I think it should be on the multi page template or synth, it is just selecting another patch. Help? I’m on 2.1

Still not working for me. Any suggestions?

So it displays the patch menu, but when you turn the encoder it just bounces back to main menu? Do you have a mother.pd file in your Patches folder? Try removing it if so.

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Yeah I just did that and it worked, thanks. Didn’t realize I’d even downloaded that…

Got 8 pages working with save/recall /2 pages of menu items woohoo!

I did more of page swap than a full scroll when you go to pages 6 - 8 and HOME (#9 techincally), and it’s not the prettiest PD code but it works and the highlighting works so I’m ok with that for now :slight_smile:

Question (I have not dug that deep into this yet) - I love the save feature but right now I guess it’s just 1 preset per patch (pagevals.txt) - Is it possible with current OS to have multiples?

Having a hard time applying the update. When I select it from the patches folder and press the aux button, the Organelle shuts down, upon startup the os is still on 1.1

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did you rename the folder/patch? I had the same issue at first.
Make sure you extract to the Patches folder with the exact name given in file.

The update worked like a charm and the encoder / pages feature is great! Need to further explore save / save new…
It would be helpful to have an updated version of the mother-desktop.pd patch. That would make updating my patches for os v2 just really smooth. Do you plan to provide a mother-desktop-v2.pd?

Looks like knob settings and whatnot are not always saved, at least that’s my experience with some of @shreeswifty 's pretty complex patches. Not complaining, just observing. Anyone else in the same league?

In having an issue of conflict between mother.pd , using an expression pedal and the new OS. I’ve previously been using a version of mother.pd posted here as an override solution to choosing a midi channel (the copy I used had CH. 3 set as default channel). The issue is that I also edited this override patch so that the signals coming from my expression pedal had the desired effect (fully depressed sends one bang). This expression pedal does not naturally communicate accurately with organelle without this edit so now I am rendered pedalless! I may be missing a simple solution that someone can point me to, if I am - please point me in the right direction. Need to try this new shrifty patch and get back to using the slicer rec patch!

Chuffed if this is the case, nice to pick up where one left off!

i think whenever there is an upgrade there are a few issues that have to be worked out and i am going to try this new menu system soon.

i do not think they will be saved if the new menu system is not deployed, so this weekend if it works in saving values i’ll start updating the one people use and retire the other ones

@slvg, are you still having trouble running the update?

@jooga1972, if the patch already has multiple pages of knobs it will have to be updated so that the additional pages are saved with the new system commands. The new OS only saves the 4 actual knob values. If a patch has extra values to save it can save them in the /tmp/state folder. This contents of this temporary folder gets copied to the patch folder when you select Save from the system menu.

@wannop, the new OS requires a new mother.pd for some of the functionality. Can you duplicate your changes to in the new one mother.pd (29.8 KB) ? The expression pedal stuff is all the same. Did you change the override.pd file itself as well? This would create a conflict because override.pd is for the knob saving and MIDI CC overriding stuff…

@oweno Thanks for clarifying this. Cheers!

Will try adding my changes to this new mother.pd file and drop it in my patches folder like i did on the old OS. The expression pedal stuff were just value multipliers and conditions i stuck in there myself (with good guidance) to fit with my own expression pedal. I’ll give adding those edits to this new mother.pd patch a try - i’m sure that will work.
Edit: Yep! Works. Thanks @oweno!!!

Also: @shreeswifty this new bassemu patch is absolutely buzzin pal! Instant modular step sequencer effect - so exciting! I’ve wanted to access a vibe similar to this and that Not Waving track for ages and this is putting my head there!: