Organelle OS Update, Example Patches

Re-coding your patches for the new OS sounds exciting! If you ask me, I use ALL your patches on a regular basis. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Very happy to see this. Will install it next week. Especially the knob jitter fix is most welcome.

I am curious how these custom scripts will work and what they will make possible. Will they, for example, allow connection of several MIDI controllers? In fact, will this ever be possible on the Organelle or should I invest in a USB to MIDI Host?

Saving patches is also very cool. I was indeed planning to create different version of the same patch for each piece I play.


@oweno I installed OS v2.1 and everything seems/sounds fine (I’m not yet using a footswitch though). Never installed any modther.pd earlier, at least I don’t know that I did… Is the new one included in the new OS and I’m good to go or should I download and put it on the Organelle? If so, where, which folder? Thanks!

This is GREAT! Thanks so much!

I love the update and the ability to save patch states etc
but is it my imagination or did the new update mean that MIDI sync is no longer passed through to MIDI Out?

An 8 page take on the Multi page synth, with some guts from one of my other patches.
Has a randomize feature, arpeggiator, other fun stuff. Happy Saturday Synthesizing!

that was literally the most painless update i have ever done.
Thanks Organelle Team + Owengo Great job!




So, it looks like in my update process some files got corrupted, and I have strange symbols showing instead of “2.1” in my System Info screen.
I did reformatted my USB, copied back the folders and re-ran the update patch, but the version is still not showing up properly: do you know of a way to go back to 1.1 and maybe repeat the update from there? Or maybe this would be still useless and some of you have any other recommendation?
Thank you in advance!

Mondo, this is sounding more like something is physically wrong with the device but i guess you would know if it was working perfectly before and is now no longer working, can you run patches?

Sounds like you have tried all the right things, so it is strange the version is not showing up correctly. Did you try downloading and unzipping the update patch again just to make sure nothing got messed up?

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Hi oweno, I had done exactly that just yesterday, and everything seems to work fine now. Thanks!!!

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@oweno Do you think a folder system for the organelle patch menu is a doable thing? With the rate that quality patches are coming out and the little screen I feel like it may become very difficult to find the right patches in the list soon.


Agreed, it’s getting pretty chaotic in there! :grin:

+1 for a folder set up.

How do you run the patch? do I copy the file onto the Organelle’s USB drive? or do I connect the Organelle directly into my laptop?

Yes, you want to copy the folder (after you download and unzip it) to the Patches folder on the USB drive, just like any other patch.

Hey, thanks for all the help you’ve been offering so far! I finally decided to update this morning and I’ve been stuck at a 99% startup ever since. I’ve adjusted the MicroSD and tried several different times to power up to no avail and haven’t seen anyone having this specific issue. Going to try powering it up hooked up to a monitor tomorrow but didn’t know if you had any extra insight you could offer me going forward!

What did you try with the micro SD card? removing it and putting it back? the update should work without needing to mess with the SD card, but something might have gone wrong. Hooking up a monitor should give you some more info…

Bravo!!! Prepping for a show and the knob smoothing is simply awesome. Great work! :heart_eyes: :dizzy:

Hey, can i delete the patch after i installed it? can somebody help me out? Thanks in advance… Peace