Organelle OS version 4.0

I personally think VNC over local wifi connection is for sure the best route to go for editing and writing patches, you’re writing and testing the patch remotely on the organelle itself, which is the device you intend to play the patch from. No nasty surprises like if your computer was able to play the patch but your organelle couldn’t due to library mismatch issues etc.

You can upload patches to the organelle from your phone over local area connection too. Don’t need a desktop to upload patches, which you would if using a USB stick.

I would like it if some more features were to be added to the web based file browser though, select all/deselect all. Things like that.

Thanks a lot for helping me out and sharing your insights!
I got mine quite a while back, so no WiFi adapter inside yet, but I’m just gonna move forward and get one to follow ‘the way of the VNC’!

Be sure to get one with the 5370 chipset and happy days! :+1:

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