Organelle OS version 4.0

I installed 4.0 a few days ago.

It went well and have worked fine for the patches I tried.

And wifi and screensharing and all that worked right away. And It’s really nice that you can edit the wifi.txt document via network and add new networks :slight_smile:

So I am happy that I updated :slight_smile:

Got it working with another Sd card, better quality i think and 16gb. With a slow format on windows.

Works great now !

So I’m still running my old hacked version of the OS for my Frankenstein Organelle with the 4 core SOM.

Will this new version just work fine? I guess @thetechnobear is the man to ask?

I know you had a similar setup as me Mark, does it all work well?

Yup, you’ll be fine.
( using the organelle-1 image , not organelle-m image)

Nice one Mark, thanks for the help.

I am having the same issue - I am using the SD card that came with my organelle, but when trying to flash it using BalanaEtcher I get an “Insufficient Space, additional 512 B required”.

Unfortunately in the process of testing things I wiped the old OS and now I can’t use my organelle at all.

Any way to fix this or do I now have to buy a new, larger Sd card?

This is on an organelle M purchased Dec 2019.

@qwertydub did you try with the zipped (link in first post of thread) or unzipped image (see below) ? Which OS are you on?

Yeah I also tried using those image too. In the end, after a restart of my computer I was able to get the images onto the SD card using BelanaEtcher, but now the organelle won’t launch. When I turn it on the led lights up above the Aux button, but the screen remains complelety black. I’ve tried creating the image a few times, and even once using terminal’s dd command (i’m on mac), but no dice.

Feeling dumb on this one - I had accidentally grabbed the OG1’s image, not OG M one. All good now.

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thanks for this - so all I have to do is move this file (M) to the SD card and load up into Organelle?

Has anyone else had MTU issues with version 4.

I have to set the MTU to 1200 rather than the default 1500 or I get hangs on the network.

@thetechnobear Mark, any ideas on this one?

Hi all,
I’m trying to update my OS to 4.0 on an original Organelle, using balena etcher. When I drag the (unzipped) os file onto etcher I get a message saying there’s not enough space. It’s a brand new 8GB SD card, which I understood was sufficiently big to accommodate OS4. Any help on this would be much appreciated!

You probably need a 16GB card. The image is something like 7.95GB and if you look at the specs of your "8GB card, it’ll probably show something like 7600MB, just a little too small.

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I’m trying to downgrade to a version of the OS without the updated patches. The new aux button isn’t convient for my workflow and I’m having issues with my USB to midi adapter (Organelle M).
Furthermore, when trying to load my ‘old’ patches, they simply won’t load.
Is there any way to just get my old Organelle back?
I really love this device and use it a lot in several projects. I’ve just spent hours of trying to fix this and nothing seems to work. Found some old OS files, which I tried converting to .img files, but those won’t get the Organelle to boot (stuck at 99%).
Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks. I think you’re right :slight_smile: Have got a 16gb card, just attempting to flash it now…

You probably want to flash OS v4.0 for the older versions of the patches. For the Organelle M, the only big difference between OS v4.0 and v4.1 are the patches.

If you use the newest version of Etcher to burn the SD card it will unzip this file for you, so just download this zip and select it in Etcher.

Thanks a lot, this seems to have resolved the issue!

However, if I understand correctly, there is no straightforward way anymore to edit the factory patches who’re inside the organelle on the computer?

This is incorrect.

You can edit patches on the Organelle. There are two methods to do so:

  1. With screen share using your computer (running VNC). More here.
  2. By connecting a HDMI monitor, USB mouse, and USB Keyboard to the Organelle. This is covered in the manual.

Thanks for clarifying, however:

  1. Off course you understand that getting a compatible wifi dongle, doing the wifi setup + vnc setup is considerably less straight forward than inserting the usb stick in a computer.
    Compared to the easy, user-friendly lay-out of the Organelle itself, this isn’t straightforward. That’s not meant as a judgement, but rather an observation on a changed workflow.
  2. That’s still on the Organelle, not on the computer. When I’m on a remote rehearsal or residency, I’d have to go looking for a keyboard, mouse, screen and hdmi cable. Before I could just put the usb stick in my laptop and voilà.

This simple new thing of the factory patches being on the internal memory and only accessible/movable over wifi/vnc or maybe with an external screen, mouse and keyboard have a really big and inconvenient impact on my workflow. I’d really only want to make some minor changes every now and then, backup my patches, etc. and that’s not possible in a (to me) straightforward way.

Would there be a possibility to simply put up an image of the OS without the factory patches included? Maybe other people could benifit from this as well…

The Organelle ships standard with a compatible WiFi adapter.

You can still use a USB Drive for patch storage. See Manual Section 4.2.

So if you don’t want to use the SD card for patch storage, you can download any/all of the C&G factory patches from our Github repository (and/or the user-created patches from Patch Storage, or your own patches), and load them onto your USB Drive. If you need to edit these patches stored on your USB drive, simply eject the USB drive from the Organelle, insert it into your computer, open Pure Data on your computer and edit the files there.