Organelle usb connectivity with external devices

I’ve read a lot of people raving about this as the best syncing solution for multiple devices, not tried it myself and it’s very very pricy but…

Maybe get the kenton box and use the usb port for the op1 and get one of these for the din midi out for the organelle

That’s really over the top. The OP1 can connect directly to the Organelle via USB. The OT needs DIN MIDI as its USB is for sample in / out only which is why you need a USB MIDI interface for the Organelle but a basic one will do (I use M-Audio Uno).

I meant the OT midi out to the kenton box midi in, USB out of the kenton box for the op1, then the din midi out of the kenton box into the organelle with whatever usb to midi interface cable. Guess I was assuming the master would be the OT.

using this one here and it works perfect!

You really don’t need the Kenton though and getting it just for this would be a waste. The OT could still be the master.


  • OT → (DIN) → USB Interface → Organelle
  • Organelle → USB Interface → (DIN) → OT (if needed)
  • Organelle → (USB) → OP1
  • OP1 → (USB) → Organelle

Internally the Organelle can then route these three pieces of gear in any combination you require. Check out @thetechnobear’s YouTube tutorial on how to achieve this:

So you can have have (as an example):
OT → Op1 (sync) → Organelle (trigger MIDI only)
Organelle triggering slices on OT
Op1 → Organelle (sync) → OT (sync)

Appreciate the explanation! I don’t have os 3.1 and seems my understanding of mdi routing is far more primitive…my inexperience is showing :sweat_smile:

could you elaborate? any images? ‘wired’ is Kida open. I have a Kenton Thru 5 sending midi channels to synths etc, I bought the EMU midi 1x1 tab and when I connect it and send midi I get nothing. I have tried EVERYTHING and cannot see how to get midi from live into this damn thing! Any clarity, advice anybody?

so I assume you have
synth/controller w/din -> Kenton <- emu midi 1x1 -> organelle

I also assume you are running organelle OS 3.0 (or 3.1) on the organelle.
if not, install that now :slight_smile:

ok, next in settings ->midi setup -> can you select the emu as a midi device? if so select it, also check that the midi in/out channels are as you want - and press save.
now start a c&g patch e.g. basic poly, then your synth/controller should be able to play organelle.

if not check the lights on the 1x1 to see if there is midi data being sent

Can the KMI 12Step or SoftStep be used as a midi controller for the organelle?

For sure! I have done it with a SoftStep.

and directly to the usb port? what was your chain?

Yes directly, it’s class compliant…

thank you very much!

I have been to the website, am trying to download os 3, I just get the ‘patches master’ folder.

What do I do? I just want to set this up to work with midi?

are you after the update?
this should be downloadable from

this is just a copy of the link from the C&G organelle patches page

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Salute Guy´s

i bought that one
it indicates with an LED in and out signals… i run 3.1 on my Organella
also use fireface 400 Abelton and an Tempest as Master
Sadly i´m not able to use in and out at the same time…
in Setup / Midi / Midi divice… Organelle recognize ESI Midi Max and there im able to switch channel 1 to 2
even when booth LED light up i don´t get an in and out / only in or out via channel switch in Midi divice
may i write somting into midi txt to fix it or should i buy the Emu xmidi ?

best on your ways !

if this is like my ESI midimate (which looks similar, but perhaps an older model?, yours has a better cable), then you will actually see two devices in midi settings.

its difficult to spot, since the organelle screen in not big enough to see the full name.

but basically, midi settings -
for midi in, turn the encoder counter clockwise (so you select the first one),
then on midi out, turn the encoder clockwise (to select the second one)

then you need to make sure you use the right din for in and out (they have a 1 & 2 printed on them if they are the same as mine)

the thing to be aware of, is the ESI midimate can use either din plug as IN or OUT, but obviously one plug can only be used for in or out, not both :slight_smile:

midi.txt is not used anymore, you need to look at … if you do this after following the above directions, you should see the two different devices listed … as you’ll see the full name there.

Thanx for the Help !
but sadly i don´t get it… i can´t route that like above
there are numbers on the wire yes but i don´t get two devices






midiDevice,ESI MIDIMATE eX:1


oscsend localhost 4000 /midiInCh i 0
oscsend localhost 4000 /midiOutCh i 1
oscsend localhost 4000 /midiInGate i 1
oscsend localhost 4000 /midiOutGate i 1
aconnect “ESI MIDIMATE eX:1” “Pure Data:0”
aconnect “Pure Data:1” “ESI MIDIMATE eX:1”

mmh guess it´s not possible with that midimate
with an regular usb direct to the Tempest everything works fine
and the with Tempest looks also the same