Organelle usb connectivity with external devices

At the risk of starring in my own amateur hour, I am having an issue connecting my MIDI controller to the Organelle. I have a Roland PC-200 MK II with just one MIDI out. I bought a MIDI-to-USB cable, but am getting no sound when I plug into the USB port in the Organelle. I’m thinking it may be an issue with a missing driver or something. At any rate, was really just hoping to use the Organelle as an instrument.

Earlier in the topic oweno makes reference to “plug-n-play” devices. I have a feeling that my old keyboard doesn’t comport with that. Any recommendations for a cheap MIDI device that would easily work with the Organelle? Any advice is appreciated!


  1. What make/model MIDI-to-USB cable did you try?
  2. With the cable connected to both devices, please scroll the Organelle screen to “Info” and click (it is near the top). On the “MIDI” line, do you see something (like brand name) that indicates the Organelle recognizes the cable is there?
  3. Is there an LED that blinks on the USB-MIDI cable when you play a note on the MIDI keyboard?
  4. The USB-MIDI cables often have poorly marked labels on the jacks…are you certain you connected the MIDI In cable to the MIDI jack?
  5. Which Organelle patch did you try?


Hi @keithjoyner. I read your offline email response. Unfortunately the VicTsing USB-MIDI cables are not reliable in our experience. We tried one with our computers and with few Organelles and could not get it to work.

We recommend the E-MU Xmidi 1x1Tab:

hi owen i have a gibson echoplex by oberheim edp2. for some reason the usb to midi connection doesn’t work correctly? when i plug the organelle ‘out’ to the echoplex ‘in’ the EDP just kind of freaks out and doesn’t sync beat? anything you know i might be doing wrong?

I wasn’t sure where to post this but this is as close to the topic as it gets without starting a new thread, but if anyone has been looking for any right angled usb solutions for the Organelle I just bought this one:

I have a compact set up and was having issues with the usb cable getting in the way of my Octatrack outs. Worked like a charm. Here’s a photo of my set up from another forum:


Has anyone tried this cable with the Organelle:

I’ve had one USB-Midi (from aliexpress) that never worked. Looking into getting a new one as I am going to leave the BSP out of my setup and use Live as the main sequencer. Thus I need to use my soundcard’s Midi I/O running to a Kenton Thru and from there to the Organelle. Or any other suggestions on how to set up?

There was a device on here recently that went from usb host to usb host so no need to go anywhere near DIN MIDI. Here:

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Does anyone know a device that could sync the Organelle, OP-1, and Octatrack? I’ve been looking at Kenton products, but they only have one usb port, and I’d like to control the Organelle and OP-1’s usb with the Octatrack’s midi…

All you need is a USB MIDI interface and then the Organelle can handle routing.

I’ve read a lot of people raving about this as the best syncing solution for multiple devices, not tried it myself and it’s very very pricy but…

Maybe get the kenton box and use the usb port for the op1 and get one of these for the din midi out for the organelle

That’s really over the top. The OP1 can connect directly to the Organelle via USB. The OT needs DIN MIDI as its USB is for sample in / out only which is why you need a USB MIDI interface for the Organelle but a basic one will do (I use M-Audio Uno).

I meant the OT midi out to the kenton box midi in, USB out of the kenton box for the op1, then the din midi out of the kenton box into the organelle with whatever usb to midi interface cable. Guess I was assuming the master would be the OT.

using this one here and it works perfect!

You really don’t need the Kenton though and getting it just for this would be a waste. The OT could still be the master.


  • OT → (DIN) → USB Interface → Organelle
  • Organelle → USB Interface → (DIN) → OT (if needed)
  • Organelle → (USB) → OP1
  • OP1 → (USB) → Organelle

Internally the Organelle can then route these three pieces of gear in any combination you require. Check out @thetechnobear’s YouTube tutorial on how to achieve this:

So you can have have (as an example):
OT → Op1 (sync) → Organelle (trigger MIDI only)
Organelle triggering slices on OT
Op1 → Organelle (sync) → OT (sync)

Appreciate the explanation! I don’t have os 3.1 and seems my understanding of mdi routing is far more primitive…my inexperience is showing :sweat_smile:

could you elaborate? any images? ‘wired’ is Kida open. I have a Kenton Thru 5 sending midi channels to synths etc, I bought the EMU midi 1x1 tab and when I connect it and send midi I get nothing. I have tried EVERYTHING and cannot see how to get midi from live into this damn thing! Any clarity, advice anybody?

so I assume you have
synth/controller w/din -> Kenton <- emu midi 1x1 -> organelle

I also assume you are running organelle OS 3.0 (or 3.1) on the organelle.
if not, install that now :slight_smile:

ok, next in settings ->midi setup -> can you select the emu as a midi device? if so select it, also check that the midi in/out channels are as you want - and press save.
now start a c&g patch e.g. basic poly, then your synth/controller should be able to play organelle.

if not check the lights on the 1x1 to see if there is midi data being sent

Can the KMI 12Step or SoftStep be used as a midi controller for the organelle?

For sure! I have done it with a SoftStep.