Organelle USB Midi Thru


Im a new Organelle owner who has the organelle together with my other hardware synths.
I am using a Digitakt as the midi brain for all my synths and I currently connect Digitakt with Organelle via USB for midi connectivity (that is working without any problem.)

I’m looking for a small midi controller to change parameters on my digitakt (such as filter resonance, track volume, sample start/end, sample loop, pattern chang etc)
I want it to be usb bus driven so I can keep it small. But this requires me to add a usb host for the controller to work with Digitakt.

Now Organelle happens to be a USB host (which I reckon you all know).

My question:

Can I use the Organelle as a midi thru USB host for my midi controller to control parameters on the Digitakt?

I am not proficient in PD btw.

Thank you and best regards!

Yes, you can use the Organelle as your MIDI “hub”, check out the instructions here:

Aah ok, thank you.

I read through that post but I guess I didn’t really get it. The video helped.

So if I want to the OG to send midi thru via PD then i add a line in the config that reads:

aconnect 12:0 128:0
aconnect 128.1 25:0

Where 12:0 is midi controller, 128:0/1 is organelle/PD and 25:0 is digitakt.

Or have I misunderstood this?

depends what you after, but if you want midi thru… then you don’t need to involve PD at all…

e.g. one configuration might be:

aconnect 12:0 25:0 
aconnect 12:0 128:0 

(note: this is input only… you might want bi-directional midi sometimes)

this means that midi from the controller goes directly to the digitakt and to PD.
you then use midi channels to ‘filter’, e.g. you want channel 1 to be used by PD and 2-16 by the digitakt - this assumes you ‘only respond’ to channel 1 in pd, and on the digitakt you only respond to 2-16. which is how midi thru is usually done on devices.
(this is preferable to forward which induces latency and creates more cpu load)

but this is ultimately flexible, there are many ways it can be done.