OrganellEvent 2018

What do people think about having an Organelle based event/concert series in the NYC/CT area sometime in 2018?
I was thinking we have enough momentum now with the wonderful work of folks like thetechnobear, Kyle and others for at least a night of concerts dedicated to and using the bluebox.

I think it would be a great way to put a human face on our endeavors, instigate collaboration and interaction as well as technical sharing and intellectual discourse.

because "All this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted"
a line from my childhood i have always firmly believed in and still try to authentically adhere to.

We could even have a So&So Vs so&SO concert with people whipping out their patches
Perhaps spawning even a Music from the BlueBox recording …or 2

thoughts? Ideas? Diatribes? Manifestos?



Sounds amazing and I’d love to play too! I wonder if I’d be able to travel through for it by then.

Sounds fun :slight_smile: how often is PDcon in NYC? Might be a good event for that.

i was hoping we could be associated with such but be separate so it does not have to be adjudicated by academe.

I’d certainly be interested!