Organelse~ : Generative Electroacoustic Patch Suite

notes on Organelse~

Over the past year or so i have been joyfully working with Alexandre Torres Porres compiling the Raspi/linux 32 externals of his experimental library “else”. We have talked about creating a set of patches specifically to highlight them so i compiled them again for ATOM and they should be playing nice together.

The first one is in the vein of Peter B’s Ciat Lonbarde devices

with a little bit of the Make Noise Mysteron thrown in for good measure

Last night was the first tests of ATMOS: Ambient Soundscape Generator

Today will be the revelation of Part II RHEMA: prevost~

prevost~ it is metallic and freeform in it’s inception but connected to the system, named after the amazing percussion composer for AMM, Eddie Prevost-- his writing, music and conceptual frameworks have informed my music and now my programming many years later.

ATMOS comes in two flavors Tonal/Atonal –
Prevost~ pairs generative/chaotic osciallation with sequential gates and envelopes


Hey @shreeswifty

Are the Else library working for Organelle yet?

I found a 64 bit version for Linux, which I downloaded through Deken on my Mac. I trid loading using them on Organelle, but Organelle is runs 32 bit version of PD so no luck.

Did you try this patch?


Ahhh, I found the else library in another post:

But some are missing, for example the adsr envelope, which was the main one I was looking for.

Anyway, thanks for pointing it out, there are osm goddies in the else library :slight_smile:


I do the compilation of the externals for Alexandre, the library is in active deployment SO i am rolling out objects that are being bug tested/minted by their use.

Are you familiar with Github, i assume people are famiiar

so Anyway, If you have questions regarding the libraries you can open a ticket after you install them