Hi would love to share my experience with customizing / hacking my Organelle S.

I wasn’t a big fan of the wooden buttons, they’re cool but they felt weird to me…
So I’ve replaced them with black and light grey and arranged them inverted with red aux button.

They feel better to me and they fit nice and tight so no more rattling sounds when handling the unit!

I’ve also sourced a proper encoder cap to match the original knobs, it ended being a replacement part for an Allen & Heath mixer:
Part n. AJ6379-D3F (if anyone is interested).

The new encoder cap makes the experience of navigating around menus a bit less clumsy.

Finally comes the Overclock, the cpu clock has been boosted from 1.2gHz to 1.5gHz, for this to happen without overheat I’ve fitted a custom cutted copper heatsink on the pi CM3+ lite module.

For the Overclock I’ve got inspired by the recent post of @RPLKTR

To ensure the unit got enough headroom with current draw the original 9v 1A power supply got replaced with a 9v 3A supply;

also just for fun the stock SD Card got replaced with a faster 64GB Lexar (16gb would have been sufficient to me but the 64gb was the faster I had available).

Here is one final pic next to my OP-1
(which admittedly gets used much less since I’ve got the Organelle S).

If anybody has customized their Organelle and like to share the results please feel free to share on this topic, I’d love to see them!



Wow, this Organelle looks sharp! Where did you source those keys from?

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I had a bunch of them left from an old project, but they where pretty standard buttons I’m sure you can find them easily on amazon or other places!
They just happen to fit perfectly! :grin:

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You’ll have to be more specific!


This is the same style of button I’ve used but I had also cream and light grey colours, If you look at the bottom of the cap there is a protruding bit, at first I thought to clip them off, but actually that protruding bit is what makes them fit so well and not rattle!



I would even dare to say that this custom Org looks nicer than the op-1… !

My organelle in this picture is the bi-color… Planned to paint it either in black or grey but also wanted to do custom engravings / stickers next to every key so I don’t have to memorize all the shortcuts in my patch…
I know I could also replace the microSOM to a more powerful one but this organelle already performs pretty good so I would rather make the jump to an organelle S.
Other mods that I have in mind is to integrate a usb hub inside so then I don’t have to carry always one…



Awesome! It has so much character! :star_struck:

Looks awesome! I think I will spray my grey M black, swap out the keys and change the encoder knob on mine too, I might try and install a rechargeable battery too.

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Looks cool! But I really like the wood button although that it was annoying to me when they all had the same colour so I stained the half tone darker. That helped me a lot and the wood feeling is still there. What rattle is it that you talking about, when you press them or when you shake the unit?

Wooden buttons are cool for the most part, I didn’t dig the feel of them especially the roundness on the top, and yes in my case they where rattling when shaking the unit around but also felt a bit shaky when pressing them! Guess it’s down to personal preference, anyway i’m really glad to have found a compatible replacement that’s more to my liking! :slightly_smiling_face: