Tarted up 201’s!

Ok, I know you fools are out there. Let’s see ‘em. :sunglasses:

I did inverted keys, with tact switch caps from Walmart of all places.
Diymore 140PCS Round/Square 7 Color Tactile Button Cap Kits For 12127.3mm Tact Switch

Then I stuck some colored dots right under the LED’s so that I can remember the 6 color arrangement as it pertains to the pattern and synth mode selections.


How do i do this? It looks dope

HI! The inspiration came from this thread:

Awesome, I love the bare aluminum finish of the 201, I wish my Organelle S came with that finish!

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I’m thinking of spray painting just the top and front surfaces of a blue Organelle M with PlastiDip black paint. Figured I could remove masking tape over the front silk screen while the paint is still tacky. If for whatever reason I don’t like the paint, conceivably it can be peeled away in theory. :wink: Or maybe use PlastiDip as a base layer for a splattered paint job over it (also with the premise that it’s reversible). PlastiDip branded primer is a no-go: supposedly that bonds too well to metal.