OS 3.1 Failure

I’ve had my Organelle for a couple years and haven’t really explored how much it can do. When ORAC came out, I really started to think of what I could accomplish, running my looper into the Organelle. Today was the set up and get ready day! I followed the instructions to load OS 3.1, dragging the update folder into the patch folder. I am using a Mac and the original USB thumb drive for the Organelle. My Organelle says it’s running 3.0 from the Info page. After I press Aux it displays OS > 2 then displays Upgrade failed: files.

I am a guitar player and I am used to being able to troubleshoot my gear! Any help would be appreciated!

Got it sorted! Read another post that suggested the original USB might be corrupted. That is unconfirmed but moving the entire Patches folder to a new drive allowed it to update smoothly!

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