OTC v1.5 - ETC on Organelle


@chrisk @thetechnobear everything is working great - I was making a very silly mistake. I mixed up the concepts of an AP and connecting to an existing wifi network: while renaming the wifi.txt, I thought I was creating a new network for my computer to log in instead of connecting to my own home’s network.

I have two usbs, one running 3.0 and the other 3.1. It worked on both and, as mark said, the AP showing only while running the latter.

I’m sorry that I jumped to conclusions regarding the functionality of C&G’s dongle before actually understanding the concept and testing it. I’ll be more careful the next time.

thank you guys very much :slightly_smiling_face:


this is phenomenal work here.


Hello, Organelle noob here

First of all thank you @thetechnobear for all the super cool patches, i’ve been enjoying my organelle journey thanks to you

I just have one question and it might sound stupid but i’m kind of new to connecting gear together…
so my question is : is it normal to have no audio out on OTC ? For some reason i thought that by plugging my OP-Z in the audio input of the organelle would allow me to use OTC and listen to the audio signal at the same time ! Am i missing something ? Is it supposed to work like that and i need a mixer or some kind of gear in between ?

Sorry if it sounds stupid, thank you for your attention :slight_smile:


This is a good question. There’s no audio sent out of the HDMI.