Patch Uses Values From External MIDI Device?

Hiya! I’m obsessed with this idea, can you tell me if its possible?

Can we have an external device (BeatStep Pro, SQ-1, MidiMIX, various Korg NANO) send MIDI values into patches in the Organelle?

My dream is ORAC running a reasonable amount of patches in parallel, and I can adjust/solo them externally, while using the onboard knobs for some of that.

Thanks in advance!

yes. depending on the organelle model you will need an extra usb midi interface.

As @pt3r said it’s possible, for most of patches and for orac. The best you can do is reading the manual about this or watching @thetechnobear YouTube tutorial about orac.
Depends on what midi controller you want to use you can use usb or need a midi/usb cable / interface.

No ! Midi is supported by Orac, natively.

as @TonyLB said, all is possible today :slight_smile:

you’ll need to configure organelle for multiple midi devices, this I have detailed in this thread:

then Orac 2.0 supports midi learn, you can therefore learn all parameters you want :slight_smile:
(iirc, it might be limited to 127 midi cc on midi ch1 at the moment, but thats quite a lot of controls)
so you can easily map things like a modules gain or bypass to a midi control.

This is a dream come true! Wow!

I’ve had vivid dream using an Organelle M, and for some reason, it was my daily driver replacement for my Chromebook!

Viva le Organelle! Thanks to all for the feedback.

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