New Count2Five patch


Really looking forward to trying these out Patrick, thanks!

hi do you have a list/description of the patches you sell?

I do not sell patches. Patreon folks support the time it takes to develop, renovate and convert historical/current research. It’s not a patch store but by supporting my research you get adanced pure data patches that work on the organelle to test and try. It might be splitting hairs but it keeps my intention(s) pure which is vital for me.

Pure Data is free and the software around it is free, Patreon folks are supporting so i can spend that time doing stuff instead of other post production or development jobs i might take. I prefer to use Pd when i can and of course for Organelle it’ required {along with SC to a degree]

here is a list of previous patches i did that are up on patchtorage to give you an idea


interesting port. is this patch your work or also an organelle adaption?

sorry i never heard of Patreon…