Pattern Start at MIDI In Start

Hey all. Really appreciate all the amazing resources here - and I adore my 201. The issue:

I’m trying to send clock and note MIDI from my OP-Z to my 201 PP. Everything works great with my current PP MIDI settings (all MIDI in enabled, all MIDI out disabled), except patterns don’t seem to start at “zero” over when I start a sequence on the OP-Z. The PP notes play in sequence and in sync when I start the OP-Z, but with octave cascade and octave arp (for example), the pattern is more noticeably out of alignment (but with correct tempo). It’s as if the pattern keeps running in the background and results vary depending on when MIDI In starts within the pattern cycle. Hope that makes sense. It doesn’t seem to be an OP-Z MIDI out issue, but this is all new to me. Any ideas how to get PP patterns to start at “zero” when MIDI in starts?


So if you recorded a sequence without any pattern, something simple like just clicking along to the metronome, do you notice a delayed start when starting from OPZ? or is it only happening when there are patterns?

Without a PP pattern, PP starts and restarts with the OP-Z sequence in perfect sync (with PP midi transport IN enabled). With a PP pattern, it also starts in sync, but may start at any step within the pattern, producing different results depending on when you start (most noticeable with octave cascade/arp). I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a pattern to start when the sequence starts.

Did you find a solution to this?
When I try to send clock from 201 to organelle, OR midi from Logic Pro to 201, 201’s metronome always seems to be just slightly behind/ahead the beat and never lands exactly on the 1s.

I’m using a Midihub in between the two hosts. I can use a sync delay module (on midihub) to push it slightly but sync is still wonky and results vary each time.

Basically, same problem as geetarguy7 ie out of alignment but in tempo.

Is nobody else having this issue?

@oweno pls help

Here is a new version of the Pd patch that has some improvements to MIDI clock. If you want to give it a try, download and unzip the patch, put the 201 in disk mode, rename the pd folder to pd-original or something for backup and then copy this one over and eject and restart.

Most of the fixes are related to MIDI clock output. I’ll have to do some more testing around MIDI input to figure out what the issue is there.


Wait is this a new firmware for PP201?