Pd object for offline timestretching from array to array

At my Windows Pure Data, I used the object “array.stretch” inside the CEAMMC library

But this library is not available for Raspberry PI / Organelle.

I am now looking for an alternative object, for offline timestretching from array to array.

Can someone please recommend an object or a library to me?

Thank you.

If the creator of the object released the C code for the object, you can compile it for the Organelle using the gcc compiler built into the Organelle:


Time stretching would be awesome. I’m not aware of any libraries that are currently present

I found this external that was compiled for the organelle. You should be able to just download it and it should work just fine

I already found and downloaded it, but havent checked it’s content completely. Thank you.

I played around a little bit with samples and granular. Later I will check the timestretch.

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I modified my granular sample patch, now there are less glitchy artefacts, when moving the position through the sample.

you can do timestretch using the phase vocoder technique (included in pd examples) or also using the ‘tempophon’ / granular technique. possible to do with vanilla objects.

Again what learned!

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I want to do offline timestretching from array to array. Most, or all, of the objects I found, did real-time timestretching, putting the audio signal out in real-time. Then, for a sample of a length of, let’s say, 5 seconds, after stretching, I have to wait 5 seconds, in comparison, the offline calculation would only take some milliseconds.

I don’t know your use case for doing offline Ts in the organelle but the advantage of doing a calculation quicker (and freeing up cpu later) will very likely come with a sudden spike in cpu usage + very likely an audio glitch when pushing all that data in an array… Loading sounds in arrays without hicups it is already a challenge in pd…

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