Pedal Emulation Set


+1 for Red Panda. I am also a fan of Cooper FX Outward…


Chase Bliss - Gravitas or Dwarfcraft - Twin Stags!

Dual and complex tremolos are super rewarding…


Here is an emulation of the BLACKMOON, this one took about 25 minutes.

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Hello everybody, i m a new organelle s happy owner since one month and i m still surprised how crazy is this little blue machine with wood keys! i ve tried many patches and found some amazing things, thanks a lot to the creators who make live the organelle. I have a question about the pedal emulations, i ve tried count2five, infinite jets and redpander and i wanted to know if they are really clones or inspired by? because i ve tried to compare the original ones on youtube and what goes out my organelle and they are completely differents… can someone could post a video of those different emulations on organelle? could it be possible that i ve an hardware issue? thanks!


They are emulations so if you mean the exact circuitry no. If you are looking for exact translations I suggest you download and enjoy the Mutable Instrument patches “thetechnobear” created, they are directly from the open source code released by Olivier @ mutable. These are emulations relative to the pedals. I have an infinite jets and I like this one a little better but I’m partial and for the Red Panda the delay line is 2000msec on the emulation and only 750ms on the real pedal. The count2five was also enhanced because we had a little more headroom to play with And the original person who commissioned the patch asked for extra stuff be added

Welcome and have fun


Thank you very much for your fast answer and for all the great patches you ve created! just last thing, could you give me or someone else an exemple settings for red panda or infinite jets? because i ve a doubt about how i use those patches or how they should sound like on my organelle. i ve tried many settings but it s impossible to have those granular delay sounds on my organelle, i ve got always the same digital delay sound reverberated that i can t control… thanks for your patience.