Summer Pedal Emulations: THERMAE


Everyone knows summer time is time for Pedal emulations and i needed something fun and challenging
So i am going to take a crack at


sounds pretty nice


Oh yes! This sounds lovely. Really interested to see how you get on with this one :slight_smile:


Definite lust for these pedals. Happy hunting!


Holy! if you do this :raised_hands:


currently 75% done with Thermae


I’m getting pumped!


can’t wait!




Gonna try this out tonight!


There doesn’t seem to be a main.pd for the organelle to run, I see lots of externals but no runnable patch. Just me?


No, not just you :cry:


Dang, I would love to test this but I also see no way to get it to run :confused:


Wow! ShreeThermae!! Please dear deity of GAS relief let this happen…


Did this one happen? Would be down for paying for it if its a hidden gem :wink:


Not yet I don’t think.