Pitch Wheel over MIDI as control

Here is a simple approach to use an incoming pitch bend for parameters on the organelle.

The default is to listen to any pitch wheel on any channel but you can link up the channel route if you want.

open this pd file in your computer or on the organelle and copy and paste the bits of code into your patch where you want the parameter controlled.


pitchWheel.pd (2.8 KB)


there is an alternative method…

the note in a key message is floating point, so you can actually use pitchbend to modify this, and this will work with most patches.

there are two approaches

a) globally
create a mother.pd, and simply alter the midi processing to taking into account pitchbend before sending the key message.

not recommend: as some patches used the key number for things other than pitches e.g. to do some different processing (e.g. switch octaves)

b) per patch
basically, do as you do above, but listen for [r key] then add the pitchbend to it. ( as fractional semitones), then send this out e.g. [s keyNote], then change in patch [r key] to [r keyNote] where appropriate (i.e. don’t change the bits that are looking for specific keys, e.g. to do things like switch octaves)

the advantage of this approach, is it doesn’t depend on there being a ‘tuning frequency parameter’, and also you save on an mtof call ( since you add semitones, not frequencies), so its slightly more efficient.

anyhow that’s I did if for my MPE patches :slight_smile: (or a derivative of this anyway)

Sorry my original post was confusing. This is a simple bit of code showing how to use a midi controller’s pitchwheel and modwheel over midi to control parameters in an organelle patch.

Awesome - thanks for sharing this @JEREMYWY - it’s cool to be able to use the pitch and mod wheels for other aspects of a patch (LFO rate, crossfade, distortion amount, etc)!