Pitchbend on Organelle


I love my Organelle and would like to understand it and PD better. So I would love to make an edit in the Analog Style patch, so I can use a pitch-wheel to control the pitch. I have tried to peak around the Orac version of Analog Style, to try and figure out how it´s done there, but I can`t figure it out. I don´t think the Orac patch sounds the same as the “original” patch, so thats why I whant to make the change there. I am pretty new to Pure Data but Im a fast learner (I think).

So is it possible to control the patch with a pitch wheel and how do program the patch to respond?


There is a pd object called [bendin] that outputs the position of the pitchwheel and you just have to add that ‘numbers’ after the [notein] of the patch. Probably you will have to Scale the amount of bend to your taste. Also don’t forget to add a [t b f] after [bendin] so the pitch change will respond inmediately and not just whenever there is a new note.
Are you close to Zürich?. there will be free workshop this weekend.


Hi Servandob

Thank you so much for your answer I will try it when I get home. I am based in Copenhagen, but a workshop would be very useful to getting started with PD.


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