Plate Reverb's Freeze with a pedal (instead of Aux)?

Hello Organelle mates!

I’m still kinda fresh with my Organelle. I’ve connected a sustain pedal to it. Playing a Uke into Plate Reverb and instead of Freezing it with Aux button, I wish to freeze it with the foot pedal. Should I learn Pure Data? Wondering if anyone already did it…?

Appreciate & Thank you! :slight_smile:

Try opening the “main” patch from the Plate Reverb folder in Pure Data just add an object “r exp” and connect it to “s freeze”. This should do the same as the Aux button at the highest value of expression pedal.

That should work for an expression pedal, but also might depend on the pedal you use. You might have to look at the values you are getting and set a desired threshold.

If using a simple on/off foot switch, you can also use “r fs” which is an on/off value from the pedal input.

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Donnerbono & Oweno,
Thanks a lot for your reply!
I’ve edited the patch’s main.pd file – so now the Freeze can be controled by an expression pedal or a simple on-off sustain pedal + the Aux Led turns red, :slight_smile:

Useful; Hands-free!
Enjoy! :smiley:

Plate Reverb main edited

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